Reporting for Marketing Managers

How to get digital marketing report right

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Being good at reporting means being good at the art of translation.

You’ll need to know how to communicate complex marketing terms, data and suggestions in every department’s language (including your superiors’).

If your slides look like morse code or endless streams of meaningless data to other people, grab a pen and piece of paper — we’ll show you a different way.

We’ll teach you how to write marketing reports that generate interest by highlighting the things that matter the most to the people reading them: results, ROI and recommendations.

A good digital marketing report should do three things:

Scientifically prove that your campaign is working
Air caution about any complications that you might face down the line
Provide ways to gear up for even greater success in the future

It’s these aspects that we’ll focus on as we take you on a whistle-stop tour of digital marketing reporting.

Effective reporting stems from an understanding of all the important elements, from choosing the correct KPIs to measure to picking the right tools for delivery.

We cover every aspect of reporting so that you’ll feel confident presenting your ideas and success.

You should feel like a multilingual scientist who can analyse data at an expert level and deliver it using logical and straightforward language.