Project Management for Marketing Managers

Digital Marketing Project Management, Explained

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Project Management

Learn how to manage projects — not just create them.

It’s easy to get excited about yet another new marketing idea or addicted to the feeling of churning out fresh content. But you’ll find that the greatest success happens as a result of persistence, prolonged effort and expert project management.

This section is about commitment.

Commitment to your ideas and the act of following through with the bold claims and promises made in marketing proposals. We’re making sure you can walk the walk, as well as talk the talk.

In this section, we share words of wisdom and practical tips on digital marketing project management.

Plus, we list all of the best digital marketing tools that make online marketing easy.

As a creative, you might find that organisation doesn’t come so naturally, but when you’re armed with project management software that can automate and schedule everything for you, that won’t matter one bit.

This is how to unite a team, build trust and keep yourself sane when working in digital marketing.