Marketing Manager Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of marketing.

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Whether it’s your first day on the job and you’re feeling out of your depth or you’re a seasoned marketing manager looking for a refresh, these resources will help.

We’re taking it back to basics, explaining marketing jargon, frameworks for analysis and defining the types of marketing you’ll already be familiar with yet might not know by their Christian names.

Work through the marketing fundamentals in order or delve into any topic you fancy. There are no rules here.

After completion, you’ll be confident in explaining the main principles of marketing and might even be able to name-drop some marketing gurus and founding fathers in the process.

If you need to analyse your marketing — or a competitor’s — you’ll be well-versed in the different methods to use, being able to suss out strengths and weaknesses in a flash.

Most importantly, you’ll be familiar with the concept of a sales funnel, which dictates every marketing move.