Why Small-to-Medium-sized Businesses Need a Content Marketing Strategy

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Every business, no matter how big or small, needs a content marketing strategy. Being able to shape the public perception of your business is especially important for those only just starting out online. Without a content marketing strategy, you’re letting others steer the online conversation, which could reflect negatively on you.

This content marketing tutorial will focus on why small and medium enterprises (SMEs) need a bespoke and targeted strategy, and the next steps to take towards putting one in place.

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1. Content marketing is the new world order

In the old days of marketing, people would be bombarded with messages at random. Junk mail would fill up people’s letterboxes, billboards blast brands in your face, and television adverts are either muted or you change the channel in search of something else.

This kind of marketing still goes on today, but it’s dying. The thing killing this outdated method of marketing to people is content marketing. Rather than shouting your message out as loudly as possible, content marketing is about attracting people to your website with genuinely helpful and engaging content.

The result is that people choose to find your website because it offers the best content. Once people are on the website, content marketing is about using soft-sell techniques — such as calls to action — to convert people who were interested in your product, but just needed that final push.

This is the way marketing works now because it fits perfectly with consumer behaviour. If someone is looking to fix their bike’s broken chain, they won’t search through the TV looking for adverts and they won’t go outside looking for billboards.

Instead, they’ll Google “how do I fix a broken bike chain?” If you can provide an informative answer to that question with genuinely engaging content, you might just be able to sell someone something. This is why a content marketing strategy is so important.

2. A content marketing strategy is vital for SEO

You might have heard of the term SEO and thought it simply referred to behind-the-scenes tech stuff that only web coders understand. Or, worse, you thought that it was some kind of con.

There’s a bit of truth to both of those ideas. A lot of search engine optimisation is about making sure your website is coded and designed properly so that Google is more likely to put it at the top of its search results. What’s more, there are — sadly — many SEO cowboys out there who give SEO a bad name with black hat techniques that try and rig the system.

However, a lot of SEO depends on a good content marketing strategy. Your blogs need to be targeted towards certain keywords in order for people to be able to find them. What’s more, your website needs links from guest posts and other content marketing outreach techniques in order to rank better as well.

To imagine that SEO is somehow a separate discipline from all of this is to imagine SEO the wrong way. Content marketing is a huge part of SEO and a huge part of SEO is content marketing. The two go hand in hand.

3. Content marketing means shaping public perception

For any online business, being in control of your public perception is vital. Unlike print or TV campaigns, content marketing lasts forever. One bad review on TripAdvisor can put off potential customers for years to come. When web users search for you on Google, content marketing makes sure they only see good things.

Any content marketing agency worth its salt will work its butt off to get your business noticed for the right reasons. Content marketing outreach, blogger outreach and onsite blogs all ensure your company gets the exposure it deserves, driving traffic to your website from all over the digital map.

4. Content marketing strategies offer better value than TV or print advertising

SMEs don’t have the advertising budget of their larger competitors, so national TV campaigns are usually out of the question. Likewise, buying a two-page spread in a popular magazine can set you back thousands. That’s where content marketing comes in. A well-honed strategy — in combination with SEO and PPC advertising — can see SMEs challenging their biggest competitors with a modest budget.

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Our goal as a team of Content Marketing Ninjas is to boost traffic, trust and leads for your business. By putting out regular, awesome content and building backlinks from trustworthy websites, we’ll give your eCommerce website the best possible chance of making sales.

Time to review your business and content marketing strategy!

Crafting a content marketing strategy starts with a thorough review of what you’ve already got. Checking your performance at this stage means that you can track progress as your content marketing strategy comes into action.

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