How To Pitch Sponsored Content to Bloggers

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“How do I promote my content?” is a question which many businesses may find themselves asking. There are many ways, of course. You can share it on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other social media platform. You can also pay for your content to be pushed harder on those platforms. We have a whole page on how to promote content which goes into all of this in more detail.

However, rather than asking “How do I promote my content?” businesses can also ask “How can I produce content which people will want to promote?” In other words, how can you produce content which will promote itself?

Enter sponsored content…

What is sponsored content? And why do bloggers love it?

We’re always banging on about bloggers; we love ‘em. They can skyrocket your SEO performance, generate referral traffic for you, and get your product or service spoken about in the big wide world. Giving your content marketing outreach campaign the personal feel that comes with blogger collaborations can be awesome for generating leads.

At Exposure Ninja, we think the right bloggers are worth a little financial investment. Offering content fees in return for a blog post — known as “sponsored content” — is a quick-fire way of boosting your content marketing campaign. Once you have the blogger you want in your sights, all you need is the perfect sponsored content pitch…

How to pitch sponsored content to a blogger in three steps

1. Show that you’ve read the blog

Before you even think about drafting an email, take some time to read through some of their blog posts. Write down some of your favourites and mention them come pitching time — it’ll have bloggers swooning. If your content marketing strategy relies on sending robotic, anonymous pitches, it’s going to crash and burn pretty quickly.

It’s also a good idea to engage with the blogger on social media before sending your pitch. Like, share, or comment on some of their posts so they see your name popping up before it arrives in their email inbox.

2. Set out your terms

Be upfront about what you want from the partnership. If your goal is to build backlinks, say that you want the blog post to contain at least one link with relevant anchor text. If you’re after general exposure, push for a certain number of social media posts about your product.

The reason Exposure Ninja works with so many bloggers is that the relationship is mutually beneficial. The key to this is communication, so agree on terms before you hand over any cash or products.

3. Write a killer pitch

While pitching to online newspapers and magazines might be intimidating, bloggers are usually a bit friendlier.

Pitching to bloggers shouldn’t be too formal — lay off the “Dear Sir/Madam” for this one. If you know the blogger’s name, use it. It’ll show that you’re not sending out the same email to everyone. You should also mention who you are and why you’re contacting them.

If you’ve chosen a certain blogger to promote your product, you should have a reason and make that clear in the pitch. It’s also wise to include a link to your business, so they can decide whether they want to work with you. If it’s obvious that you have completely different target audiences, pairing up won’t be mutually beneficial. You’ll only be wasting your time and theirs.

We go into even more detail about pitching to bloggers in our best-selling book, which reveals all our secret tips on content marketing.

A sponsored content pitch example

Here’s an example of a pitch that Exposure Ninja might send on behalf of a fictional client. Let’s say we’re working with a fitness brand called Ninja Fitness, hoping to get a backlink on a health and fitness blog.

Hey [name of blogger],

I hope all is well. I was reading on your blog about [mention something genuinely awesome about their blog that you like].

Anyway, today I’m here with Ninja Fitness, a business who specialises in training regular people like you and me in the art of nunchucks and throwing stars. We’d love you to write a post about [mention your idea for the sort of post you’d want — be sure that it’s something which would work with their blog].

Here’s what we’d like from the post:
[Lay out exactly what you want from the post. Are you looking for a backlink? If so, are you looking to use certain anchor text? Or, are you looking for a post to be shared on a certain number of social media channels? If so, which ones and which hashtags do you want them to use? Don’t be afraid to use bullet points here.]

We’re looking to spend [insert amount you’re willing to spend here — don’t be afraid to negotiate]. Please let me know your thoughts on this either way.


[Insert your name here]

What’s so good about that sponsored content pitch?

A friendly tone and clear instructions are the secrets to pitching success. Approach bloggers like they’re human beings and don’t be afraid to lay out your terms in black and white. They’re probably getting a few PR requests a week, so they will favour the ones that are polite and clear.

Your pitch may look a little different, but you can use our template to help you find your feet. Keep practising and you’ll get there in no time!

How do I promote my content?” Sponsored content promotes itself!

By now, you should be able to see how sponsored content is content which promotes itself. Instead of wondering “how do I promote my content?”, you now have the tools you need to go out there and create content which a blogger will promote for you!

If you’d prefer Exposure Ninja to do the pitching, get in touch and we’ll see what our Content Marketing Ninjas can do for you. To get the ball rolling, we’ll even give you a free website and marketing review.

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