How To Find Publications for Content Marketing

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Now you know what blogger outreach and content marketing outreach are, it’s time to find some publications to pitch to. On this page, you’ll find out how to find the publications that will improve your SEO rankings and generate customer leads — two goals of any killer content marketing campaign.

What guest posting sites are my competitors using?

If your competitors are well-established in the outreach game (and you may as well assume that they are), they will have done their research. Head over to Moz and use their backlink checker to find out who’s linking to your arch-rivals’ websites. This will give you an idea of the types of publications to target. Note these down and research similar publications within your industry.

Googling for guest posting sites

As with so many things in life, the next step is a Google search. Type in some keywords relevant to your content and you’ll find a number of potential publications. Add “guest post”, “write for us”, “contribute article”, or something similar to your search to hone in on the websites that are looking for killer content.

For example, let’s say you run a clothing company. A Google search for something as straightforward as fashion “write for us” brings up a bunch of possible publications. These are likely to be big, broad fashion websites. So, if you’re in a more specific niche, refine your search terms by using more specific keywords. Something like tennis shoes “write for us” is going to be a lot more precise.

To find publications for content marketing, follow the noise…

Finding out where the loudest voices are shouting from is an easy way to compile a list of potential publications. By now, you should know the big players in your field. If you’re an accountant, who’s the most influential blogger in the financial industry and where are they posting? Google their name and you’ll get a list of websites they’ve contributed to. Easy.

Should I keep it local?

Most definitely. A link in a local publication with a lower Domain Authority could have a bigger effect than a high-authority global publication if you’re trying to improve your local SEO. It’s all about context. Google wants to provide its searchers with relevant content, so if your Southend dentistry firm gets a link on a Southend news website, bingo!

As well as supporting your online rankings, a link in a local publication can also boost customer leads. Content marketing strategy is all about generating potential leads, so bear that in mind before you ignore the smaller publications. Be David, not Goliath… for now.

How do I get published in national newspapers?

So maybe you do want to be Goliath. Great! Getting posted on some of the internet’s biggest websites is tough, but it is possible. While national newspapers and magazines will accept almost any content for a hefty fee, that’s usually out of the question for smaller businesses. They also tend to have more writers than you could shake a quill at, so they won’t be in dire need of content like some smaller publications.

One of the tricks we use to get featured in national newspapers is keeping an eye on Twitter. Journalists are busy, so sometimes they send out tweets asking for quotes and/or help with a particular topic.

Log into Twitter and search for “#journorequest”. You’ll see dozens of journalists, all snowed under with articles about different topics that you could help with. Here’s your chance. They need you. Reply with a comment saying why you’re an expert and that you’ll help them in return for a link. You might be in luck.

If you find “#journorequest” pulls up a few too many results, try “#journorequest filter:verified”. This will filter the results down to only verified accounts who have used the hashtag. Why is this important? Well, truth be told, many bloggers use the journorequest hashtag when — really — it should be reserved for proper journalists.

Filtering your results in this way means that you only see verified accounts. By and large, journalists for national newspapers are more likely to have verified accounts than bloggers.

Found a publication for content marketing? Great! Now, check their credibility…

Once you’ve compiled a list of publications, it’s time to give each website a once over. You don’t want to risk getting a Google penalty for having tonnes of spammy links.

The first check you can make is to note down your gut reaction. Is the blog full of popup ads, spelling mistakes and dodgy formatting? If so, get out of there. It’s not worth it.

Next, check their Domain Authority (DA) score. Head over to Moz and type the target publication’s URL into the Open Site Explorer tool. This will show their DA and their backlinks. A high DA score means they are probably going to be well-ranked by Google, so a backlink from them could do wonders for your site.

You can also use Moz’s OSE tool to check a publication’s Spam Score. This is ranked out of 17, so anything punching above 5/17 should be sending warning signs. This probably means they have loads of low-quality links. Abort! Abort!

Of course, Moz isn’t the only way to check the authority of a website. While it’s a great shorthand, there are many problems with Moz DA as a measure of authority and quality. Link Research Tools has a replacement system you can use, and Majestic’s Trust Flow-Citation Flow ratio is also a good metric.

To find publications for content marketing is easy. The trick is to find high-quality, relevant and — if possible — local publications for content marketing that will allow you to post high-quality content (for free) in exchange for a backlink. It sounds like a long-list of criteria, but there are trillions of websites on the internet. You need the right criteria in order to find the right one.

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