The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing and Digital PR

In a World where competition for attention is more fiercely fought than ever, businesses that create the content which capture their audience’s eyeballs can be ‘top of mind’. But content marketing and digital PR go way further than just attracting attention.

In this book, we share the Exposure Ninja Content Marketing and Digital PR approach that has secured our clients features in Forbes, Entrepreneur, National Newspapers and live on primetime television. We’ll show you some quick ways to strike up relationships with gatekeepers and build your visibility through getting published, then how to capitalise on that visibility for profit.

Can my business benefit from this book?

Whether you’re a one-man band looking to grow, or a huge business looking for new avenues to market your services, The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing & Digital PR will show you how to get profitable coverage that increases awareness of your business and ranking of your website.

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