How To Get To The Top of Google in 2022

Head Ninja Tim wrote the first edition of this book back in 2012 after noticing a distinct lack of plain-English no-nonsense books about SEO. Whilst most were full of instructions about what not to do, and technical jargon designed to make the author sound clever, How to Get To The Top Of Google is written for people who just want simple step-by-step instructions to follow to increase their website’s ranking on Google.

You’ll learn how Google works, the crucial adjustments and optimisations to make to your website, and how to build your site’s authority and get it featured prominently around the net. Every step is laid out in an easy-to-follow guide that shows you how to plan an unstoppable marketing campaign.

Cover of the bestselling book, "How To Get To The Top of Google"

Can my business benefit from this book?

Written from years of experience in running SEO and digital marketing campaigns for businesses of all shapes and sizes and in every corner of the world, How To Get to the Top of Google is ideal whether you’re a small startup that needs a helping hand, or a large company looking to maximise every single penny of their marketing budget.

If you generate (or want to generate) customers for your business from Google, then you’ll benefit from this book.

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