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Our digital marketing books have taught more businesses how to market themselves online than anybody else’s

cover of the book profitable social media marketing
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Our series of best-selling digital marketing books tell you everything you need to know about creating an unstoppable marketing campaign.

Packed with the same digital marketing techniques we use for our clients, these books are popular with everyone from new and established business owners, professional digital marketers looking for extra tips and tricks, and even universities, where they have been selected as course textbooks.

Cover of the bestselling book, "How To Get To The Top of Google"

How To Get To The Top Of Google

The bestselling SEO title in Europe, our number one best-seller goes into detail about how Google works, how you can optimise your website and marketing strategy without spending a fortune, staying clear of Google’s penalties and much, much more.

Written in a plain English style to make it easy to follow, even if you have no marketing or technical experience, you’ll be able to put together an easily manageable, step-by-step plan on how to naturally rank high on Google, dominate your competition, and boost the profits of your business.

Michael Smith

“This book is the Bible of SEO, when read and applied it works 100%”

The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing & Digital PR

Whilst traditional PR can sometimes have a reputation of being a bit fluffy and unaccountable to ROI, Digital PR can be a seriously powerful way to generate traffic, improve your ranking and build credibility. This book teaches you how to jump on this opportunity in a simple, easy-to-understand way. You’ll find out how to get key people in your industry praising your name, how sponsored content works, how to grow and manage a blog, and how to get publicity without spending a fortune.

Amazon Customer

“Easy to read, entertaining, but most of all, it’s easy to apply to my online marketing strategy. I can’t recommend this book enough!”

Profitable Social Media Marketing Book cover

Profitable Social Media Marketing

Despite more people using social networking sites each year, businesses often struggle to get traction. Tumbleweed timelines, unengaging posts and no clear results can make it difficult for many to justify spending time on social. But the opportunity is huge for those that get it right. This book teaches you how to finally get the most from social media, from running effective Facebook Ads, to creating interesting, shareable content, to Twitter conversations and much more, you’ll learn how to create an unstoppable social media marketing campaign.

Ed Tyson, Expert Shield

“You’ve not ‘got’ social media before because you’ve not read this book.”

101 ways to get more customers on the internet book cover

101 Ways To Get More Customers From The Internet

Most businesses approach the Internet in a passive and hopeful way. This book outlines a very different type of approach, showing you a range of different ways to generate more leads and sales from your website. Taking a broad look at every aspect of digital marketing from SEO, to social media, to PPC ads, competitor analysis and more, you’ll get our very best tips and advice on how to effectively market your business online, dominate your competitors, and own your industry online.

Simon L W

“I would give it six stars if I could. The clearest, most straightforward, and readable of these types of books I have ever seen.”