Aiming To Turn Over More Than £75k And Want Some Free Help With Your Marketing?

Let us show you how to increase the leads and sales that your website is generating for you, with a free video plan worth £199+VAT

How would you like the UK’s bestselling digital marketing authors to create a digital marketing plan for your business, showing you how to generate more leads and sales, completely free of charge?

We’ll show you the ‘low-hanging fruit’ in your market and explain how to take advantage of any opportunities your competitors are missing.

You’ll receive this plan as a video – recorded by one of our expert marketing team – within 2-3 working days.

Simon Coulson

“Exposure Ninja are fantastic! No matter which member of the team I deal with I am always talking to a true expert. They are passionate about their field, fun to work with and are brilliant at what they do.

It’s always such a joy to work with people who are this good at what they do.”

– Sarah Willingham, Entrepreneur, Star of BBC Dragon’s Den and Exposure Ninja Client

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It’s quick and simple to claim your plan and there’s no catch!

How Does It Work?

Step 1
Fill in this form with as much detail as you can.
The more you tell us, the more we can tailor your plan to your business goals.

Step 2
One of our marketing strategists will produce your review and plan, and film a video walkthrough explaining how each element works so that you can begin putting it into action.

Step 3
Your video review & plan will be delivered within 2-3 working days. Follow the plan yourself, pass to your team, or request our help! It’s your call




We’ll take a look at your website and give you actionable tips to boost conversion rate, user satisfaction and search ranking. But please be warned: we will be totally honest – we’re here to help, so if things need to change we’ll let you know!



We’ll dissect your search ranking and show you which website tweaks and offsite promotion strategies you can implement to boost visibility and bring in more qualified traffic.


Social Media

We’ll share tips to boost your social following and engagement. We’ll also recommend the best networks for your business, and suggest the type of content most likely to bring you a high ROI.


Competitor Analysis

If your competitors are doing well online, there’s always a reason. We can unpick their campaigns and show you which pieces to copy and which to improve on in order to match – and exceed – their results.