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We’re Exposure Ninja, an award-winning website design agency. We believe that your website should be your hardest-working marketing asset. Let us build you a website that looks great and achieves fantastic results.

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An Award-winning Hassle-Free Website Design Agency in Nottingham, the UK and across the World

If you want an honest website design agency you can trust to deliver a stunning website, look no further.

You won’t find a team anywhere else out there who cares as much about your business as we do. We believe in building relationships with our clients based on trust, and we genuinely want to build you a website you love.

Our highly trained web design team is made up of Designers, Full-Stack Developers, SEO Specialists and QA Experts, and leading them all is our extremely experienced team of Project Managers.

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Click the button below to arrange a free consultation with one of our team. We’ll discuss what you need your website to do, your business goals and your target audience.

We’ll be able to give you an indicative price and can put together a full plan afterwards with a more exact price and detailed breakdown.

A Dream Website from Exposure Ninja

“We got the website of our dreams from Exposure Ninja. The website design and build process was a breath of fresh air, and the process was quick, as they never had to wait on anything from us. The website was on time and on budget, and they gave us a handover and lessons on how to create new content ourselves.

Less than one year later, where are we now? I am delighted to say that, thanks to Exposure Ninja, we now have a page-one website! We have never had this before in all of our working lives, and business has never been so good. Exposure Ninja gave us the foundations to build on, we have been very proactive in new content creation and tried to implement what we have learned about SEO and content marketing from them, and it has all paid off better than we could have imagined.

I wish Exposure Ninja all the success they deserve for doing such good work for us. They have made a hugely positive difference to our business and our lives in the space of less than one year. I really can’t recommend them enough. My only fear is that one of our competitors finds out about them…”

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Why Should You Pick Exposure Ninja
as Your Web Design Agency?

We’re a professional web design agency based in Nottingham. We’ve designed and built hundreds of websites for businesses, and we analyse thousands each year through our consultancy and marketing services. Each website we build is carefully crafted by our team of Designers, Developers, Copywriters, Editors and Project managers, based on everything we know about what makes an effective website.

Our websites are built to perfection. We work tirelessly to ensure your website is exactly how you want it, from the branding and design down to the words on the page.

With Exposure Ninja, there are no nasty lock-ins. You’ll have full access to your website.

Websites Built to Convert

A website that doesn’t convert is like a salesperson that doesn’t sell. We believe that your website needs to work hard for you, and it should be a profitable marketing asset.

Our custom website design doesn’t just look good — it converts too. Your website needs to make sales, at the highest possible conversion rate, so that your traffic generation is as profitable as possible. That’s why all of our custom website designs are optimised for conversions. In fact, the conversion is the first thing we consider during the design process.

Our Custom Website Design Includes:

  • Clear calls to action on each page, giving your visitors the nudge they need to convert.
  • “Click to call” numbers to maximise phone conversions for mobile viewers.
  • Streamlined navigation and drop-down menus, making the visitor journey straightforward.
  • “Above the fold” optimisation, reducing bounce rate and providing key information in seconds.

A Website That You Control

Life is too short to have to ask a Developer every time you want to change or add something to your website. If you’re going to compete online, you need to be able to update, edit and control your website so it’s constantly growing. That’s why you’ll have full access to your site once it’s launched, and we build our sites on platforms that are easy to use.

No Nasty Lock-Ins — Here’s How It Works:

  • We build most of our websites on WordPress. We recommend WordPress because it’s user-friendly and can scale with your business. You can edit and add pages, products and blogs without any technical ability.
  • Unfamiliar with WordPress? We can even add tutorials on how to use your website to the admin area so that you can watch short explainer videos on how to do whatever you need.
  • Rather we make the changes for you? No problem, we’re here to help. We have website maintenance and hosting packages, meaning you can leave the website management to us.

What we don’t do is custom-build your site or use rare, infrequently updated CMSs that you’ll have no hope of keeping up-to-date without specialist support. Your website is too important to be held hostage by the only Developer in the world who knows how it works (and who happens to be busy for the next eight months).

Websites Built to Rank on Search Engines

SEO is in our DNA. Since 2012, we’ve been flooding businesses with organic traffic and watching their growth. That’s why every Exposure Ninja custom-designed website is built with SEO at the core.

From conducting keyword research during the early stages of the build — ensuring that the structure and copy are optimised for search — to a seamless go-live process that transitions your old website to the new one, SEO is “baked-in” to every EN build.

How We Optimise Your Website:

  • All pages have optimised page titles and meta descriptions (selected product pages for eCommerce sites).
  • All pages have search engine optimised copy (selected product pages for eCommerce sites).
  • We’ll create and submit your sitemap.
  • Your website is submitted to the Google Search Console.
  • We install Google Analytics onto the website to help us spot opportunities.
  • We carefully structure your URLs, pages and website.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The length of time your website takes to complete depends on the size and functionality required. We ask that you provide any images, information, copy suggestions and testimonials up-front so that our team can work as efficiently as possible. We hate delays as much as you do, so we like to start the project with all the elements organised beforehand.

and discover how we can help you convert more visitors via a brand-new Ninja website.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Our Digital Marketing Consultants are here waiting to help you. Whether you know exactly what you want or you want recommendations based on our analysis, our free website and marketing review is a great first step to find out what the Ninjas can do to help grow your business.

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