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With a great track record in legal lead generation and digital marketing for solicitors’ firms, let us help you take your inbound leads to the next level.

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An Award-winning Digital Marketing Agency for Law Firms

At Exposure Ninja, we’ve been optimising business websites and expanding their reach with digital marketing since 2012.

Since then, we’ve refined our SEO expertise and helped hundreds of businesses — including many law firms — nail their marketing and reach their goals.

We know how to achieve remarkable results with digital marketing and SEO for law firms, and we’ve got the success stories to prove it.

We’ve written the bestselling book, “How to Get to the Top of Google” and achieved serious results for many legal businesses like yours.

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Get a Free Copy of Our Bestselling Book

Since 2013, our book, “How To Get To The Top of Google” has been helping business owners and marketing managers to learn about the business-changing benefits of Search Engine Optimisation.

Cemented in bestseller lists for eight years, the book continues to explain how businesses like yours can rank at the top of Google and earn increases in traffic, leads, and sales — and we’d like to give you a copy for free.

Click the button below to download your free copy.

How We Deliver Maximum Value with SEO for Law Firms

We know that every legal business is different, so we structure our SEO strategy around your business, your audience and your goals for the short and long term. We’ll identify the best ways to turn your website into a valuable marketing asset, helping you expand your reach, earn more awareness for your brand and capture more leads and enquiries.

We do whatever it takes to achieve your business goals and ensure a great ROI because we believe that marketing should be a significant driver of revenue.

Want Us to Show You How We'll Reach Your Goals?

Our Digital Marketing Consultants are waiting to review your marketing and suggest your top digital marketing priorities based on your growth targets and potential.

Request your free, no-obligation website and marketing review below.

What Our Legal Clients Say about Our SEO Services

"I can summarise my dealings with Exposure Ninja with just one word: “slick.” Staff members are polite and professional and have a wealth of ideas on how to help market your business. They have a deep understanding of Facebook advertising, SEO and marketing overall — this is reflected in marked improvements in my website traffic. Exposure Ninja stands out from the crowd when it comes to digital marketing, and I have no hesitation in recommending their services."
Alex Bodsa, Dental Law Claims
Alex Bodza, Dental Law Claims

How to Get Started with SEO

Order a digital marketing review

Step 1 — Request Your Free Digital Marketing Review

Send us your website’s URL, and we’ll review your marketing for free with no obligation to use any of our services. Our marketing consultants will look at your website’s usability, SEO, social media profiles and any paid ads.

We’ll identify optimisation opportunity areas and break down our recommendations into easy action points.

Watch your review video

Step 2 — Watch Your Marketing Review Video

We don’t send five-page “marketing review” PDFs that you have to trawl through to extract valuable information.

Our marketing reviews come in video format.

Our Marketing Consultants will record a free 15-minute video where they go into detail about how you can realise your website’s potential. They’ll tell you what they’d change, what they’d remove and how they would go about increasing your traffic, boosting conversions and growing your business.

Implement a strategy

Step 3 — Implement Our Advice (or Let Us Do It for You)

Your video review will contain an actionable strategy for your business.

We’ll outline exactly how you can improve your online visibility, generate more traffic and turn your website into a lead-generating machine.

We give you this digital marketing strategy for free so you can implement it yourself.

Why would we give away such valuable advice at zero cost to you? Because we’re in the business of helping businesses to reach their growth goals.

If you want to use the strategy, go for it. But come back and tell us when your traffic, leads and conversions increase because they will — and when they do, we want to know about it.

If you’d prefer, we can do it all for you. We can implement the strategy we’ve recommended, putting every year of our experience into growing your law firm.

Watch your traffic and leads increase

Step 4 — Watch Your Business Grow

Whether you implement our recommendations yourself or you let us take care of your digital marketing and SEO, you’ll see a huge difference in your website’s performance.

You’ll see an influx of website visitors and new clients rolling in.

We can say this with complete confidence because we’ve helped many legal firms like yours upgrade their websites with marketing strategies that work.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the advantages of working with Exposure Ninja is that we have a range of specialists on our team. We’ll assign Designers, Developers, Copywriters, Content Marketers, Search Marketers, Social Media Specialists or PPC Specialists depending on your needs.

To keep things simple, an Account Manager oversees each campaign and makes sure that everyone is working in the same direction.

Not Sure If Our Digital Marketing Services Are Right for Your Law Firm?

Our Digital Marketing Consultants are here waiting to help you.

Request a free, no-obligation marketing review today, and we’ll record a 15-minute video showing you how to increase the leads your website generates through the sort of digital marketing strategies that have transformed our legal clients.