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Exposure Ninja helps growing dental practices to reach more customers online. With digital marketing becoming increasingly competitive in the dental industry, we know how important it is to stand out — particularly if you’re after leads for the higher value treatments.

We promote our dental clients using a mixture of SEO, pay-per-click advertising (Google Ads), content marketing and social media advertising. We also build high-converting websites designed to capture leads and bookings.

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What Are the Benefits of SEO for Dentists?

The benefits of SEO and local SEO for dentists include long-term traffic, increased customer numbers and better long-term return-on-investment (ROI) than paid advertising options because each click is “free.”

Of course, paid channels are great for targeting particular types of service or driving fast traffic, and we always recommend that high-growth practices employ a combination of SEO, content marketing and PPC so as not to become over-reliant on any single channel. This trio helps to increase traffic immediately, while also laying the groundwork for long-term traffic and conversions.

Prospective customers who search for local dentists or cosmetic dental practices will always navigate to Google before any other website. Google’s listings of local dentists are highly trusted, largely due to the positive signals Google references (with reviews being one of the most important). Because of this, it’s crucial your dental clinic’s website appears in the different types of searches people undertake to find information about treatments such as teeth whitening, Invisalign, veneers, crowns and bridges.

An Award-winning Digital Marketing Agency for Dentists

Since 2012, we have helped lots of dental practices and cosmetic dental surgeries to increase their footfall and customer sales. We have achieved this by using regularly tried-and-tested digital marketing strategies specifically for dentists.

We take pride in the level of knowledge we have gained through self-education about the different treatments available in the dental industry today. Our experience has helped many dentists to improve their local presence and become the first choice for new patients and referrals.

Our SEO and Content Marketing Teams will combine their in-depth experience of the dental industry to create a bespoke digital marketing strategy for your business. They will also learn about your unique differences and specialities so each visitor to your website will see and read your business approach and tone of voice.

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What Does Dental SEO Include?

Increasing the ranking and visibility of any dental website requires a long-term strategy combining website auditing, website improvement, local SEO, content creation and attracting links from relevant websites.

As SEO has become more complex over the years, it requires a range of specialist skills and is usually far beyond the capabilities of a single marketer. Here are some of the components we use in our dental SEO campaigns:

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What Our Dental Clients Say about Us

"Exposure Ninja have managed our website, SEO, blogging and PR outreach activity for many years. They continuously make proactive optimisations to improve my account performance, understand my business, consistently deliver new patients into my practice and are a joy to work with!"
Chig Amin
Chig Amin, Epsom Dental Centre

What’s Involved in Digital Marketing for Dentists?

Digital marketing and SEO for dental practices is one of our specialities. At Exposure Ninja, we have dedicated teams to take care of each of your marketing channels. Not sure which marketing channel is best for your practice? Your dedicated Account Manager will oversee your marketing campaign and recommend the channels that bring the best returns.

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Step 1 — Analysing Your Current Digital Marketing Strategy

We will audit your website and existing digital marketing strategy before making any changes to your website or how you promote your dental clinic online.

We want to understand what is working well for promoting your dental business and what’s not. We’ll look through your website’s existing content and identify where improvements can be made to make the content more viable to rank at the top of Google. At the same time, we’ll start to look for other improvements we can make to your site to enhance the user experience of your prospective customers. In turn, this will increase your conversion rate so you earn more leads.

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Step 2 — Researching Your Competition

If your competitors are outranking and out-earning you, we’ll find out why. We’ll audit your competitors and identify what they’re doing well (and poorly) so that we can turn their failings into opportunities for you.

Drawing on our experience working on large digital marketing campaigns, we aim to make our dental clients the most visible and biggest lead-generators in their locations.

Developing a plan

Step 3 — Drafting a Bespoke Dental Digital Marketing Strategy

Once we understand your website and the potential for each traffic channel at our disposal, we will put together an improvement plan for the months ahead.

This plan may include time dedicated to improving the quality of your website’s content (so it matches the needs of your prospective customers), paid channels to target and improvements to your website’s conversion optimisation. Of course, the plan will be tailored to your budget.

Your team of specialist Ninjas — working in SEO, content marketing, social media and paid advertising channels — will work together with your dedicated Account Manager to build a strategy that takes you to your 12-month goals.

Step 4 — Optimising Your Website

Your practice’s website is central to your digital marketing. A poor-performing website limits the potential of every traffic channel, whereas a high-converting site increases profitability across the board.

Once we have your digital marketing strategy in place, we’ll begin making or suggesting improvements to your website. These may include changes to the way your site is arranged and the content you have created so far, layout tweaks, messaging reviews and technical improvements (designed to improve user experience and crawlability).

We will complete these tasks in priority order, dictated by their importance with regards to the one thing that guides us more than anything: your ROI.

Step 5 — Running the Plan!

Next up, the team gets to work running the digital marketing strategy we’ve designed for you.

Your Account Manager will be your primary point of contact throughout — although, from time to time, you might also have contact with the Ninjas working on your SEO, paid ads and content. We’re keen to involve you in as much (or as little) of the marketing as you like, and we have an optional auto-approvals process if you’d like us to “just get on with it!”

Step 6 — Quarterly Reviews

Every dental digital marketing campaign we run has quarterly team reviews. These checkups allow us to revisit your 12-month goals, set and check our progress against the quarterly milestones we’re working to and plan our work for the next quarter.

In between these quarterly meetings, you’ll receive monthly reports and have optional weekly catchup calls with your Account Manager to talk through the work carried out each week. Digital marketing is important, so we’re keen to make sure you’re always up-to-date with the work we’re doing and what we have planned.

How to Get Started

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1. Get a Free Marketing Review

If you’re interested in working with us, the first step is simple and completely free. Just request a free marketing review and plan.

During this 15-minute video, one of our Digital Marketing Consultants will review your website, digital marketing and competitors. They’ll highlight key areas to focus on and put these into a list of priorities that you (or we) can follow.

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2. Get Your Dental Marketing Plan

Once we’ve carried out the review, if we think we can help, then we’ll offer you a free no-obligation consultation call. On this call, your Consultant will seek to understand your business and goals further.

They’ll then put together a more detailed plan of action, including budget options to suit different levels of ambition.

Implement a strategy

3. Let’s Get Started!

If we both decide that it’s a good fit, we’ll invite you to join Exposure Ninja. You’ll get a dedicated Account Manager, and we’ll assign you a team of Ninjas specialising in each of the areas we’ll be working on for you.

You’ll communicate with your Account Manager as frequently as you choose. We like to have at least weekly calls, where possible, with communication in between usually done over email.

Watch your traffic and leads increase

4. Your Long-Term Marketing Partner

As your visibility, traffic and lead volumes start to grow, we’ll consistently review the opportunities for further growth. We never settle because we believe that you deserve a marketing partner that works as hard on your business’s growth as you do.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the advantages of working with Exposure Ninja is that we have a range of specialists on our team. We’ll assign Designers, Developers, Copywriters, Content Marketers, Search Marketers, Social Media Specialists or PPC Specialists depending on your needs. To keep things simple, an Account Manager oversees each campaign and makes sure everyone’s pulling in the same direction.

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