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An SEO Agency Helping Businesses in Nottingham Get To The Top of Google

We’re Exposure Ninja, a team of SEO Specialists who help SMEs in Nottingham and beyond to get more traffic, leads and conversions.

Our unrivalled SEO services give your business the boost it needs to rise to the top of competitive markets.

A Transparent and Trustworthy Nottingham SEO Agency

Exposure Ninja started out in 2012 as an SEO agency in Nottingham with a mission to provide transparent and effective digital marketing services.

Since then, we’ve moved out of our Nottingham office and become a completely remote agency. Our Ninjas are 100% remote, and without geographical limitations, working with businesses all over the world.

With extensive worldwide experience and a team of SEO and Digital Marketing Specialists, we’re experts in all types of SEO — local, eCommerce, on-site, off-site, technical…

We can help you increase your traffic and online visibility, attract customers in the area with local Nottingham SEO, grow your brand awareness and send your conversions through the roof.

The remote nature of our team also means we can support your business wherever your growth takes you.

And unlike a lot of agencies, we’ll implement winning marketing strategies without making false promises or using confusing language.

Our services are completely transparent — you’ll always know what we’re doing, why and what results we’ve achieved.

You deserve an SEO agency you can trust to deliver the results your business needs, and that’s where we come in.

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What Do Our Nottingham SEO Services Include?

The right SEO Campaign can be transformational for your business, but growing your organic traffic and conversions doesn’t happen overnight.

We’ll listen to your goals and then outline a plan of action to hit them as soon as possible, using the best SEO strategies combined with the most suitable avenues of digital marketing.

We know every business is different, so no two Exposure Ninja campaigns are the same. We’ll create a bespoke strategy to help you achieve even the most ambitious growth goals.

Want Us to Show You How We'll Reach Your Goals?

Our Digital Marketing Consultants are waiting to review your marketing efforts and suggest a new SEO strategy for your business.

Request your free, no-obligation website and marketing review below.

What Our Clients Say about Us

“Exposure Ninja has been working on our SEO campaign for 16 months and I’m really happy with our work together. Our Campaign Team are very friendly and helpful. They have delivered everything from really in-depth conversion rate optimisation analysis to technical SEO recommendations and fresh content. Recently they provided us with a few simple changes that enabled us to gain featured snippets almost overnight!“
Pawel Oleksak, eFax
Pawel Oleksak, Senior Marketing Manager, eFax

What’s Involved in Search Engine Optimisation?

We offer SEO services to businesses in Nottingham with one mission in mind — we want to generate as much ROI for you as possible, as quickly as possible.

You’ll have a dedicated Campaign Team that will include an SEO Specialist, Content Marketing Specialist and Account Manager (AM). Your AM will be your lead strategist and main point of contact. They’ll keep you updated on what we’re doing, why, and what we’ve achieved at every stage of your campaign.

Shinobi reviewing and analysing

Step 1 — We Analyse Your Current SEO Campaign

We kick off every SEO Campaign with an audit of your website and Google Analytics setup. We’ll identify optimisation opportunities and make sure we can track the behaviour of your website visitors so that we can improve their experience.

Shinobi doing research

Step 2 — We Research Your Website’s Industry

We’ll research your industry and look into your competitors’ marketing strategies to see what’s working well in your space and what’s not. We’ll learn from your competitors’ successes, avoid their mistakes and look for opportunities to exploit their missed opportunities and outperform them, whether they’re based in Nottingham or not.

Developing a plan

Step 3 — We Draft Your SEO Strategy

With keyword and competitor research complete, we’ll create an SEO strategy for your business. We’ll outline the steps we’ll take to reach your long-term goals and set milestone targets to meet along the way.

Shinobi with content pages

Step 4 — We Create Outstanding Content

No SEO campaign is complete without content marketing. For your website to achieve maximum performance, you need outstanding content on your website pages to help you rank for the right keywords and engage and convert visitors.

Your SEO Specialist will work with your Content Marketing Ninja to create killer content that helps you climb to the top of search engines and win more sales.

Shinobi with magic wand

Step 5 — We Continually Make SEO Improvements and Share Our Progress with Transparent Reports

SEO isn’t a one-and-done process. It’s something you need to keep doing to maintain performance and keep growing your Nottingham-based business. So we’ll continuously monitor your progress and make SEO improvements. We’re never happy, so even once we’ve hit your long-term goals, we’ll raise them higher and keep striving for further growth.

We’ll also keep you updated on your progress with transparent monthly reports and regular calls from your Acount Manager. We’ll make sure you know what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and what we’ve achieved at every step.

How to Get Started with Our Nottingham SEO Services

Ready to dominate local search queries, increase your organic traffic and grow your business with a Nottingham SEO agency you can trust?

Getting started is simple, and there’s no pressure or “hard sell” tactics at any point. We’ll tell you how we can help, and if you’re happy to go ahead, we’ll kick off your SEO Campaign and start improving your rankings.

Order a digital marketing review

Step One — Request Your Free SEO Review

Request a free digital marketing review, and we’ll take a look at your website and record a 15-minute video review.

The video you receive will be unique to your website and your business goals. We’ll check your site’s usability, how well optimised it is for SEO and identify the top priority fixes required.

But we won’t just look at your SEO — we’ll look at your digital marketing as a whole and break down all of our marketing recommendations into an easy to follow “to do” list for you.

Then, you can either implement our suggestions yourself or leave them to our expert Ninjas.

Shinobi with digital marketing plan

Step Two — Get Your Initial SEO and Digital Marketing Plan

If your review suggests there’s scope for you to work with us and start an Exposure Ninja SEO Campaign, we’ll set up a consultancy call to go over your goals in more detail.

We’ll then send you a detailed marketing proposal to outline how we’d approach your SEO, different marketing channels we’d recommend, and milestone targets we’ll aim for over the next three months.

Implement a strategy

Step Three — We’ll Implement Your SEO Strategy

If you’re happy to go ahead with your Exposure Ninja SEO strategy, we’ll assign you a Campaign Team and start working towards your goals.

Your Campaign Team will include an SEO Specialist, a Content Marketing Specialist and an Account Manager — every campaign has multiple Ninjas, each specialising in one area of digital marketing, but all working together.

Your team will map out the best tasking for your business and will start working towards the milestones and long-term goals we’ve set together.

Watch your traffic and leads increase

Step Four — Watch Your Rankings Improve and Traffic Increase

Don’t expect overnight success — SEO is not about “quick wins”. It’s about long-term sustainable growth, but you will start to see improvements within the first few months of your campaign.

We’ll work to quarterly milestones and will continue adjusting our strategy and coming up with new ideas to achieve the best results as quickly as possible.

You’ll receive clear monthly reports and regular updates from your Account Manager showing our progress and outlining our next steps.

With us, you’ll always know exactly what we’re doing and how your website performance is growing. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that you have an SEO partner who’s committed to constant improvement.

We’re Not Your Typical Nottingham SEO Agency

We work with a lot of businesses that have been let down by other digital marketing agencies in Nottingham. They’ve been falsely promised great results, given unrealistic expectations and locked into long contracts with agencies they didn’t get on with.

They’ve lost faith in digital marketing and are cautious about working with more “experts”. But Exposure Ninja isn’t your typical SEO agency.

We provide transparent and effective digital marketing services that restore business’s faith in agencies.

We don’t just focus on SEO metrics like traffic, engagement and click-through rates. We also look at your revenue and make sure our services are a valuable investment for your business. We want to achieve the maximum ROI for you, as quickly as possible.

But our transparent services and revenue-hungry approach aren’t the only things that make us different.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re a completely remote agency, so we’re not based in Nottingham (although a lot of our Ninjas do live there). But with extensive SEO experience, we can help you improve your rankings for local terms. We know exactly how to help you reach customers in Nottingham and become a dominant business in your area and your industry.

The remote nature of our team also means we work with the very best Marketing Specialists without being restricted by location. Your SEO Campaign will benefit from the experience and expertise of digital marketing Ninjas all over the world.

Plus, if your business grows or operates beyond Nottingham, we can continue providing the SEO support you need, wherever your growth takes you.

Not Sure If SEO Is Right for Your Business?

Our Digital Marketing Consultants are here waiting to help you.

Request a free, no-obligation marketing review today, and they’ll record a 15-minute video explaining how they’ll help your business to achieve your one-year, five-year or 10-year goals.