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An SEO Agency Helping Businesses in Cardiff Get To The Top of Google

We’re Exposure Ninja, a remote SEO agency helping SMEs in Cardiff and the UK achieve serious growth.

We’ll help your business to stand out using revenue-increasing SEO services, helping you to outperform your local or national competitors.

A Results-Driven Cardiff SEO Agency You Can Rely On

Exposure Ninja has been helping SMEs dominate search engine results, master organic traffic and grow their revenue since 2012.

Since then, we’ve waved goodbye to office life and become a completely remote agency with a global team of marketing experts. We now work with SMEs all over the UK — all over the world, even.

But despite the remote nature of our team, we’re a leading SEO agency for businesses in Cardiff.

Businesses choose our SEO services because we offer unrivalled, global experience, and we bring together some of the best talent in the marketing space without being restricted by geography.

We make sure you always have the right Specialists working on your campaign — Specialists who know how to achieve the best results in your industry. Or, as we like to call them, Ninjas.

Our marketing and SEO Ninjas can help your business achieve incredible growth. We can increase your organic traffic and online visibility, attract customers in Cardiff and build your brand credibility and awareness. But most importantly, we’ll focus on growing your revenue.

And at every stage of your campaign, we’ll make sure you know what we’re doing and why. We’ll let you know exactly what you can expect from your SEO Campaign in terms of the tasks we’ll carry out and the results we’ll achieve.

Your business needs a transparent and trustworthy Cardiff SEO agency, and that’s exactly what you can expect from us.

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What Do Our Cardiff SEO Services Include?

There’s no “one approach” to search engine optimisation (SEO) — revenue-boosting strategies need to be tailored to your business and your growth goals.

That’s why we’ll get to know your business and your industry and spy on your competitors’ marketing strategies before starting your campaign. Then, we’ll use our initial research to create a bespoke Cardiff SEO strategy that helps you meet and exceed even your most ambitious goals.

Want Us to Show You How We'll Reach Your Goals?

Our Digital Marketing Consultants are waiting to review your marketing efforts and suggest a new SEO strategy for your business.

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What Our Clients Say about Us

“Exposure Ninja has been working on our SEO campaign for 16 months and I’m really happy with our work together. Our Campaign Team are very friendly and helpful. They have delivered everything from really in-depth conversion rate optimisation analysis to technical SEO recommendations and fresh content. Recently they provided us with a few simple changes that enabled us to gain featured snippets almost overnight!“
Pawel Oleksak, eFax
Pawel Oleksak, Senior Marketing Manager, eFax

What’s Involved in Search Engine Optimisation?

We’ll do whatever it takes to help your business achieve serious growth. We’re obsessed with helping SMEs in Cardiff level up their marketing and smash their growth goals.

We’ll always take a tailored approach to your SEO, but we’ll make sure you know what we’re working on and why at every stage.

Shinobi reviewing and analysing

Step 1 — We Analyse Your Current SEO Campaign

Before we start boosting your website’s rankings and performance, we’ll review how well optimised your site is and we’ll check that your Google Analytics is all set up and ready to track our progress. This gives us a starting point and helps us to set ambitious but realistic milestone targets.

Shinobi doing research

Step 2 — We Research Your Website’s Industry

By carrying out industry and competitor research, we’ll make sure we’ve got all the background information we need to implement an incredible SEO Campaign that exploits gaps in the market and missed opportunities.

We’ll use proven methods to improve your rankings and revenue, and we’ll avoid your competitors’ mistakes.

Developing a plan

Step 3 — We Draft Your SEO Strategy

Using our initial research and audit findings, we’ll create your bespoke SEO strategy. We’ll clarify your long-term goals, set milestone targets and set out the actions we’ll take to meet and exceed all of them.

If you’re happy with our plan of action, we’ll get started. Your Campaign Team will start optimising your website and doing everything they can to achieve maximum performance.

Shinobi with content pages

Step 4 — We Create Outstanding Content

We’ll combine SEO work with content marketing to make sure your business gets the attention and engagement it deserves. You’ll have a dedicated Content Marketing Specialist who will work alongside your SEO Ninja to make sure your pages rank for the right keywords and turn clicks into conversions.

Shinobi with magic wand

Step 5 — We Continually Make SEO Improvements and Share Our Progress with Transparent Reports

Positioning your business at the top of search engine results in Cardiff and driving a steady flow of organic traffic to your site is an ongoing task. It’s not a quick fix, and it doesn’t happen overnight.

We’ll constantly make improvements and adjust our approach to make sure your business keeps growing.

We’ll continuously analyse your SEO metrics, like your position in search engine results, engagement metrics and conversion rates. We’ll also identify opportunities for improvements to keep growing your business, even once we’ve hit your initial goals.

And at every stage, you’ll know exactly what we’ve achieved each month, what we’re aiming for going forward, and what we’re doing to optimise your site.

We’ll provide simple and clear monthly reports that break everything down for you without boring language or complex jargon. You’ll also have regular updates from your Account Manager, who will be the lead strategist on your Campaign Team.

How to Get Started with Our Cardiff SEO Services

Ready to dominate local search queries, increase your organic traffic and grow your business with an SEO agency for Cardiff businesses you can trust?

Getting started is simple.

Order a digital marketing review

Step One — Request Your Free SEO Review

The first step is easy. Just request a free digital marketing review, and we’ll send over a 15-minute video review breaking down SEO and marketing recommendations.

Your review will be completely unique to your business, and your recommendations will be presented as a clear, actionable “to do” list for you.

You can use this review to inform your own marketing strategy and implement our recommendations yourself, or you can let our Ninjas take care of everything for you with an SEO Campaign.

There’s no pressure and no hard sell tactics. Just expert digital marketing suggestions that you can implement or ignore. But if you do implement our recommendations, either yourself or through an Exposure Ninja SEO Campaign, you will see results.

Shinobi with digital marketing plan

Step Two — Get Your Initial SEO and Digital Marketing Plan

If you want to let our Ninjas take care of your SEO and digital marketing, we’ll set up a consultancy to go over everything in more detail.

We’ll explain what you can expect from an Exposure Ninja Campaign, and we’ll talk about your long-term and short-term goals.

Then, we’ll put together an SEO plan for your business.

Your plan will include more than just SEO Actions because serious growth requires a combination of different marketing channels. We’ll look at your marketing as a whole to boost your business from all angles. We’ll also work towards milestone targets on a quarterly basis, as well as your long-term goals.

Implement a strategy

Step Three — We’ll Implement Your SEO Strategy

If you’re happy to go ahead with your Exposure Ninja SEO strategy, we’ll assign you a Campaign Team and start working towards your goals.

Your Campaign Team will include an SEO Specialist, a Content Marketing Specialist and an Account Manager — every campaign has multiple Ninjas, each specialising in one area of digital marketing, but all working together.

Your team will map out the best Actions for your business and will start working towards the milestones and long-term goals we’ve set together.

Watch your traffic and leads increase

Step Four — Watch Your Rankings Improve and Traffic Increase

With our Ninjas taking care of your marketing for you, you can sit back and watch your rankings, traffic and revenue increase.

Don’t expect overnight results, though — SEO is about playing the long game. You’ll start to see results within the first few months of your campaign, and we’ll plan to snowball your success over time.

We’ll keep you updated on our progress and your results with regular updates from your Account Manager and monthly reports.

We know you need to ensure our services are generating a great ROI, so our reports get straight to the point and break down the results of your campaign in clear data.

With us, you’ll always know exactly what we’re doing and how your website performance is growing.

We’re Not Your Typical Cardiff SEO Agency

It’s natural to be cautious about working with an SEO agency. Maybe you’ve been let down in the past by “marketing gurus” who have promised the world and failed to deliver. Or perhaps you just want to make sure your investment in SEO is going to result in a great return.

But we’re an SEO agency you can trust. We’re driven by revenue-boosting results, and we’re completely honest and transparent about our services and what we can achieve.

We don’t make false promises, exaggerate our expertise or use confusing language that leaves you feeling in the dark about your marketing.

We provide transparent and effective digital marketing services, and we take pride in restoring business’s faith in marketing agencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re a completely remote agency, so we’re not based in Cardiff, but some of our Ninjas are. With extensive SEO experience, we can help you improve your rankings for local terms. We know exactly how to help you reach customers in Cardiff and become a dominant business in your area and your industry.

The remote nature of our team also means we work with the very best Marketing Specialists without being restricted by location. Your SEO Campaign will benefit from the experience and expertise of digital marketing Ninjas all over the world.

Plus, if your business grows beyond Cardiff, we can continue providing the SEO support you need, wherever your growth takes you.

Not Sure If SEO Is Right for Your Business?

Our Digital Marketing Consultants are here waiting to help you.

Request a free, no-obligation marketing review today, and they’ll record a 15-minute video explaining how they’ll help your business to achieve your one-year, five-year or 10-year goals.