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Being top of Google for the phrases your customers are using is the holy grail of online marketing. A recent BrightEdge study found that ‘organic’ SEO traffic can outstrip all other online marketing channels combined.

But Google doesn’t make it easy – and rightly so.  The old days of ‘SEO hacks’ are long gone. The difference between a great site and a great site that ranks well is how well that site is promoted in specific ways across the Internet.

We’re known throughout the world for offering a level of SEO far far beyond anyone else at our price point. Making Ninja SEO affordable for businesses of all sizes – not just large corporations with 5 figure monthly budgets – is one of the top priorities.

Our SEO team of 35 SEO and PR Ninjas work tirelessly to promote businesses in a variety of niches, from fashion to industrial training. And we’re proud of our work.

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Onsite SEO

We’ll optimise your website from top to bottom, both on the surface and behind the scenes.


Offsite SEO

Your site’s visibility across the Internet is key to your ranking, so we’ll make sure you’re showing up in a broad range of relevant places.



SEO/PR is our own combination of SEO and Digital PR, and means that your business gets coverage in the publications read by your audience.



Our reports are the most transparent in the business. We’ll tell you what we’ve done, why we did it, and the results it brought you so you’re always in the know.


The Most Prominent Online Training Provider In Their Market

  • Using a combination of Onsite Optimisation (Month 1) and SEO/PR Link Building (Month 2 Onwards) this B2B website’s rankings have improved 2218 positions across their top keywords in 8 months
  • Position 1 ranking for SEVEN keywords
  • Page 1 ranking for TWENTY SIX keywords
  • They’ve become the most visible company in their market in the UK as a result
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From Zero To Dominance In Industrial Manufacturing

  • For this new business we built a new Ninja website on a fresh domain
  • We used a comination of SEO/PR, onsite optimisation and links
  • They achieved page 1 ranking for 21 phrases and 8 top-3 positions within 4 months
  • In total, their Google position improvement in the site’s first 4 months was 1,396 and they’ve gone from a standing start to being the most visible business in their market.
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A New Health & Fitness Website With Some Fat Rankings On The Side!

  • Another new Ninja site for another new business, this company offers a PT training service across the UK
  • We started by helping them identify their marketing messages and building the website
  • Our SEO and SEO/PR work got them featured in the Daily Mirror and interviewed live on BBC 2
  • The site has continued to improve in visibility against very large and well-established competitors
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Penalty Recovery For A Recruitment Website

  • This site has been an interesting challenge as it battled a very heavy Google penalty for low quality links, then for website elements which fell foul of the Panda update
  • We overcame the penalty after performing link removal and disavowal
  • SEO/PR, blogging and a promotional video strategy saw ranking increase for the first time in 12 months
  • This gave the business enough confidence in their future to update the website, which was sorely needed.
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Fast Results for an Established Business

  • A well-established automotive business with a poorly optimised website, we immediately identified ways to improve the site’s ranking performance
  • This onsite optimisation paired with some strong early promotion saw the site receive a significant ranking improvement within it’s first 2 months of work
  • Monthly SEO traffic has more than doubled as a result
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All of our SEO strategies are online marketing strategies which also have an SEO benefit. Thus they don’t fall foul of Google’s guidelines or recommendations about how businesses should promote their websites online, and will not result in future penalisation.

Further, we have a strong track record in removing penalties from sites that have bought low-quality SEO elsewhere so we know intimately the sort of work that gets sites penalised.

We’re at the forefront of the SEO industry, so you have the peace of mind knowing that your site and its future rankings are safe in our hands.


Black hat SEO (the sort that attracts penalties) is about mimicking or faking the signs that a site is popular or relevant.


Exposure Ninja (White hat) SEO is about making sure a site is genuinely popular and relevant.


If you’re a local business, appearing prominently in map listings is absolutely crucial. Our local SEO service gets you there through a combination of strategies:

  • Citation building to show Google that your location is talked about across the Internet
  • Securing local reviews to demonstrate that you’re one of the most popular businesses in your local market
  • Optimisation of your Google+ page to demonstrate your relevance to Google.

These strategies are built in to all SEO work that we carry out for local business as standard.

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