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When embarking on an SEO campaign, one of the most important factors is trust. Just as Google needs to trust your website, you need to be able to trust the company handling your SEO.

Not only does SEO take time to bear fruit, but the ‘SEO’ conducted by low quality fly-by-night operations in the past has damaged many websites ranking.

At Exposure Ninja, we’re committed to delivering a level of SEO to growing companies that has only previously been available to corporates paying high monthlies to SEO companies with the overheads to match.

Our top priority is results. We’ll use a range of strategies developed and honed over the course of hundreds of thousands of hours work in every imaginable market (and even some unimaginable ones!).

Our second priority is service. This means being available to answer any questions you might have, keeping you in the loop with our work and progress, and being totally transparent.

To prove how different we are, here’s Tim (Head Ninja’s) personal mobile phone number: 07912 303876

What's Included With All Ninja SEO Campaigns?

Transparent Plain-English Reporting

It’s important that you understand the SEO work that we are doing for you. That’s why our reports tell you what we’ve done for your campaign this month, explain why we’ve done it, and give you a breakdown of how our work is affecting your site’s performance and visibility.

Helpful Support

You’ll be communicating with the SEO and PR Ninjas directly handling your work, and you’ll also have access to the Head of SEO, who will be overseeing your campaign.

For Growth Package and above, you also get access to your own Strategy Ninja. They are at your service to help you identify other areas of improvement – both inside and outside SEO – to help increase your business visibility. Whether it’s guiding you through the process of writing your first book or utilising existing contacts for content marketing, their aim is to give your site an extra boost.

No Contracts

To us, a 12-Month Minimum Term contracts doesn’t exactly scream “transparency”. That’s why none of our packages tie you into a minimum term contract. Because our SEO works, people don’t tend to want to stop so we don’t need to tie them in.

All we require is that if you need to make any significant changes to the campaign you give us 30 days’ notice.


Every business and every website is different. All our SEO packages are flexible and designed to work around your site’s existing strengths, competition and potential. The minimum number of hours we work will always reflect the package you are on, and if we see that other services (e.g. link removal, more content writing) are likely to be beneficial, we can discuss including these in your campaign.

Of course we will be in communication throughout so you will never be in the dark.

The SEO Campaign Packages

SEO Package

Starter Local



Business Builder


Total Monthly Hours Spent on the Campaign




 40 70

Keyword Research




 Y Y

Website Optimisation




 Y Y





 Y Y





 Premium Premium

Blog Writing (optional)


Month 4 onwards

Month 3 Onwards

From Month 2From Month 1

Digital PR

Month 3 onwards

Month 2 Onwards

From Month 1From Month 1

Project Manager Access

Monthly 30 minute call

As RequiredAs Required

Website status monitoring





Traffic and Ranking Report





Hourly Work Report





Report/Work Summary Call In

15-minute call

15-minute call

Optional Video Report and Call Walkthrough

Optional Video Report and Call WalkthroughOptional Video Report and Call Walkthrough
Additional ServicesIncludes PR Content CalendarIncludes PR Content Calendar
Monthly Price£600£855£1,325£2,120£3,570
Saving –£45Save £125/monthSave £280/monthSave £630/month
GoalsIncrease visibility in small/non-competitive local marketIncrease visibility in local market or dominate in very local/non-competitive marketsDominate local market or increase visibility in regional/less competitive national marketsIncrease national visibility or dominate for less competitive regional marketsSignificantly increase/dominate more competitive national markets, increase international visibility

Please note that packages over 150 hours/month are overseen by Tim personally.

Got any questions about any of the packages?

If you have any questions, please email or call your Marketing Partner (this is the Ninja who sent you to this page), or call the Ninjafone on 0115 896 2348 and choose option 1.

If you need any help deciding which package is the most suitable for your business, your Marketing Partner Ninja will be able to help you decide based on your situation, budget and goals.