Our websites are priced according to the amount of work required, meaning you only pay for exactly what you need.

What’s more, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee there is no risk that you won’t love your new Ninja Website.

Prices start at £1,900 with finance available.


It’s the most transparent SEO pricing in the industry.

We’ll show you how many hours we spend on your SEO each month and show you what we’ve done with that time so you know exactly what you’re getting.


 Set prices for PPC management mean you get the support you need, however long it takes.

With clear add-on prices for Bing, Remarketing, and Facebook ads, you can expand your exposure without breaking the bank.

Prices start from £295/month


Flexible packages for businesses of any size.

Like our SEO campaigns, our Social Media Management works on a monthly hour budget so you know how much Ninja time you’re getting for your money.

Prices start from £240/month

Marketing Plans

We’re focussed on one thing – making you more money. That’s why we’ll use every tool at our disposal to help your business grow.

Because every business and every market is different, a one size fits all approach just isn’t suitable. Typically it’s a combination of different services is what will deliver the fastest growth.

That’s why we don’t ‘pitch’. We take a look at where you’re at, look at the strategies that will help you grow, and put them together into a tailored plan to take you where you want to go.

Then, throughout our work together, we’ll be making recommendations to you to maximise every pound, euro or dollar you pay. Even if this means removing a channel or diverting budget elsewhere.

We know that delivering ROI keeps clients, and that’s what we would want if we hired a marketing partner.


For businesses that prefer to keep their marketing in-house, we offer a range of consultancy packages to help you grow by showing you where to focus your time and energy.

Our consultancy typically works on a monthly basis where we’ll schedule a call every month to go through the work that has been completed and map out the next month’s work. In between calls you’ll have email support should you get stuck or need a quick piece of advice to keep you on-track.

Prices start at just £285+VAT/month.

No Contracts, No Minimum Terms

If the work we’re doing for you is making you money, we think you’ll be happy for us to continue working together. If it’s not then we don’t believe you should have to continue paying us.

That’s why we won’t force you to sign a contract or agree to a minimum term on any of our promotion work. You can give us a go without worrying about over-committing or being held into an agreement against your will. All we ask is 30 days’ notice if you want to pause a campaign, which allows us to tie up loose ends with journalists, editors and scheduled PPC tasks.

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