98% Efficiency Ad Management by our
Official Google and Bing Partner Team



Ninja Research seeks to uncover not just high traffic keywords, but those that are most likely to lead to business for you. Your campaign is set up to maximise every penny spent with Google to generate the highest ROI possible.

Laser Targeting

We target the words and phrases that indicate a buyer and not just a browser or information gatherer. Your ads will be arranged in Ad Groups according to the target keyword, boosting Quality Score and ensuring that every ad your potential buyers see is precisely relevant.

Inefficiency Reduction

We closely monitor the searches triggering your ads and add negative keywords to direct the budget at the highest ROI phrases, eliminating those not earning their keep. The result for you? A campaign that gets more and more efficient over time.


PPC is a numbers game. Central to our campaigns is conversion data which tells us and you which phrases and ads are resulting in enquiries and sales. Budget is allocated according to the most profitable areas, and you always know how much your ads are making you.


Google Adwords can be extremely profitable when run tightly, but all too often amateur or inefficiently-managed campaigns are left to run out of control and can sink huge budgets quickly.

Our Google Partner Certified PPC Ninjas are here to squeeze every drop of ROI from your click budget and bring you the most targeted and qualified traffic possible.

As a credited Google Partner Agency we work closely with our own Google rep on our clients’ campaigns, and have received a 98% campaign efficiency rating – the highest he had ever seen.


Google Partner

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Bing Ads

While Bing might be a distant second to Google in search volume, this doesn’t mean it can’t be a valuable channel. The lower competition means lower ad costs, and the performance data provided by Bing is useful to inform SEO and Adwords tweaks.

As an Official Bing Partner Agency you can rest assured that your campaign will be working at maximum efficiency.


Remarketing is the most important advertising innovation of the last 10 years. Giving you the ability to advertise very cheaply to those that have visited your website, Remarketing allows you to get a second bite of the cherry and bring back those who didn’t complete the purchase or enquiry.

This turns your marketing funnel on its head, as previously lost website visitors that cost you money to attract in the first place are tracked and retargeted for up to 180 days and gently nudged to return back to your website.

Effective for boosting product sales and highly potent for service businesses, we haven’t yet found a market that Remarketing isn’t very effective for.


Ed Tyson, CEO Expert Shield

Expert Shield was paying £26 per conversion with self-managed Google Adwords Campaign. Exposure Ninja took over in January 2014, and by August their cost per conversion was £2.97, a reduction in customer acquisition cost of 88.6%.

Ed Tyson, CEO Expert Shield


By adding remarketing and ninja-targeting their Adwords account, we added an additional source of new recruits to their business for 8.9% of the cost they were paying managing their campaign themselves.


Within 2 weeks of managing their Adverts we halved their self-managed cost per click by adding negative keywords, automated rules and improving the ads. This represents an annual saving to them of £60,000.00 PA



Sharing Data

Pay Per Click gives us really targeted data about not only which keywords bring in the traffic, but which keywords and ads convert into buyers.

Efficient Keywords

This data can help us target the SEO work at these more efficient keywords for higher ROI visibility.

Testing Page Layouts

Driving fast qualified traffic at a landing page through PPC can help us test and conversion-optimise landing and content pages quickly.

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