#205: 7 Essential B2B Marketing Strategies for 2021

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In This Episode

Be honest — when you think of B2B marketing strategies, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

There’s a good chance that you thought of something boring, right? Maybe something like publications on trade magazines, a feature article on the local newspaper, a trade show appearance, or the perennial B2B favourite — cold calling. Lots of it.

To be fair, the reputation of B2B being an acronym for “boring-to-boring” isn’t exactly false.

For the longest time, traditional business-to-business (B2B) marketing has been associated with dry articles in industry magazines, conference keynotes and meetings with potential clients.

But in the digital world we live in, there’s simply no reason B2B marketing has to be dull. In fact, the most successful B2B marketing campaigns today draw direct inspiration from business-to-consumer (B2C) campaigns.

Join us as our Head Ninja Tim breaks down seven essential B2B marketing strategies for 2021:

  • #1: B2B Positioning and Audience Targeting
  • #2: B2B SEO
  • #3: B2B Social Media Marketing
  • #4: B2B Video Marketing
  • #5: B2B Content Marketing
  • #6: B2B PPC Advertising
  • #7: B2B Email Marketing 

But before that, let’s go over a few basics.

What Is B2B Marketing?

B2B marketing is a broad term that encompasses all activities that involve promoting products and services to other businesses. The goal of B2B marketing is often to:

  • Sell goods at large volumes (e.g., selling wholesale to retailers)
  • Keep B2B buyers engaged throughout lengthy sales cycles 
  • Engage multiple decision-makers in one organisation (e.g., a board of directors or C-suite members)

Below are a few B2B marketing examples from companies you’ve probably heard of:

  • A digital marketing agency that offers marketing solutions such as SEO, content marketing, and PPC advertising to small businesses (oh wait, that’s us)
  • Arvind, a textile supplier that sells fabrics to clothing retailers like Arrow, Calvin Klein, Hanes and Tommy Hilfiger among others
  • Trello, a tech company that offers team collaboration software on a monthly subscription basis

How Is B2B Marketing Different from B2C Marketing?

As the name suggests, B2B marketing targets other businesses, while B2C marketing targets regular consumers.

But there are also deeper nuances worth knowing. For example, B2B marketing tends to have very different objectives from B2C marketing.

With B2C marketing, the top objective is often to close a sale — that is, to get a customer to make a purchase in-store or online. With B2B marketing, the top goal is to capture high-quality leads.

Dive into the episode to learn more about B2B marketing and our featured strategies.

Be sure to watch video to the very end for a bonus B2B marketing tip!

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00:00 — Introduction
04:41 — Mindset Hacks for B2B Marketing
08:41 — Strategy #1: Be Clear About Your Positioning and Audience
11:31 — Strategy #2: B2B SEO
14:25 — Strategy #3: B2B Social Media Marketing
17:13 — Strategy #4: B2B Video Marketing
20:40 — Strategy #5: B2B Content Marketing
24:14 — Strategy #6: B2B PPC
26:05 — Strategy #7: B2B Email Marketing
29:11 — Key Takeaways
31:44 — Bonus Tip!

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