The Team Behind The Success Stories


Tim Cameron-Kitchen

EN Brand Awareness (Head Ninja & Founder)

Having worked in online marketing for 9 years and managed the building and promotion of more than 300 websites, Tim oversees all ninja activity and is involved designing the strategy for all sites and promotion. Tim’s 4 bestselling Online Marketing books have educated more UK businesses about SEO than anyone else.

Ryan Parker

Sales & Marketing Partnerships

With an extensive knowledge of Exposure Ninja’s products and services, Ryan works with our clients to identify areas that their marketing is underperforming and helps uncover their areas that their budget is likely to generate the highest ROI for them.

Ninja businessman graphic

Zack Neary-Hayes

Marketing Strategies

Zack has worked at various SEO agencies, building up a formidable knowledge of everything SEO. He is also very much aware of the marketing strategies you need to take to make your business profitable online. He’s also an internet marketing and PR master and is known inside EN as someone who can get results for the biggest doubters and exciting coverage for even the most dry subject matters! Passing on the sword skills of SEO into the hands of Dale Davies, he is now focusing on delivering the best marketing strategies for clients utilising all of his extensive knowledge.


PPC Campaign Management

Lizzie runs the Paid Search team, responsible for the excellent results for our paid search clients. Gaining maximum results & maximum value for money, Lizzie will make sure every penny counts and your ROI is known every step of the way.

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Christian 'Cn' Bennett

EN Performance & Operations

When it comes to Performance, Project & Programme management, having previously worked with numerous NHS Trusts and private sector industries through his PM Consultancy, Exposure Ninjas new Chief Operating Officer, Christian, lives and breaths operations and performance, making him best placed to make sure EN’s teams are working in unison to give it clients the best service, every time!

Having led the development team successfully he works closely with Julian Demerre who now manages website development ninjas. Julian is a ninja to be respected, not just because he has worked for Apple but also because he has the ability to fix any technical problem in his sleep!

Charlie Marchant

Public Relations & So Much More!

Charlie leads our PR team, with an excellent track record of writing and publishing articles in hundreds of publications in every imaginable market, and has an extremely high client satisfaction score. In her spare time Charlie runs a popular travel blog.

Her partner Luke Nicholson works closely with her to support the team as well as being a killer PR Ninja in his own right.


Of course the real stars of the show are the Ninjas doing most of the work, whether SEO, PR, design, development, PPC, customer service or admin.

Aidan, Aries, Benz, Charlo, Cres, Ed, Heather, Helen, James, Jasper, John, Kieran, Luke, Mac, Beth, Mitch, Neha, Paul, Reggie, Roisin, Stacey, Steph and Tom.

And not to forget Rain, our finance, HR and ‘Ninja Mummy’ who keeps everyone (especially Tim) in check, makes sure everyone pays their invoices on time (including us) and generally runs the show.

Interested in Becoming a Ninja?

We’re really proud of the team we’ve attracted over the last 3 years, and we typically hire 1-2 new Ninjas per month to manage our growing client base.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to become a ninja, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us an email at and explain which role you think you’d be a good fit for, your experience in that area and tell us a bit about what motivates you and what you want from life.

In case you’re wondering what sort of qualities we look for in a new Ninja, here’s a guide:

Someone that will work tirelessly for our clients

You’ll sometimes work late and evenings, not because we force you to (we don’t), but because you’ll want to. We’re motivated by our clients’ successes because we get a kick out of making a difference. If you’re the type to shut down on the dot at 5pm, don’t bother.

Productively confident

People with the confidence in their skills to know they’re at the top of their game but the humility to understand that, in online marketing, unless you’re constantly learning and growing, you’re falling behind.

You need to be self-motivated and ambitious.

We’re busy and growing fast which means we have no time or desire to ‘micro manage’. We track results and are hot on training and support but if you work best with someone standing over you cracking the whip, Ninja is not the place for you. It’s fun to be a part of something growing so quickly but the resulting autonomy comes with a responsibility that we take very seriously.

What qualities make a Ninja?

Hard working
Positive and happy attitude
Ninja skills

It doesn’t matter where you’re based. We hire for the above qualities over location. Our Nottingham office is the central hub of the Ninja universe but even so, we mostly work from home offices. We’ve found that ‘free range’ Ninjas outperform the battery variety due to the greater freedom and fewer distractions that the office environment provides, and the increase in productivity and results that we achieved following the end of our ‘enforced’ office attendance in August 2014 has been significant.