A Day in the Life of Influencers

Find out how influencers spend their day, according to the popular YouTube tag, A Day in The Life.


Social influencer & owner of Kylie Cosmetics (6.3M)
Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner
Kylie wakes up with her daughter, Stormi.
Kylie takes a shower and brushes her teeth before checking her family group chat and starting the "glam" process.
Kylie wakes Stormi up again after her morning nap before heading to her dressing room. Kylie picks out her outfit for the day and decides which handbag to wear.
Kylie arrives at the Kylie Cosmetic office. She has a private meeting with her business manager and mum, Kris Jenner.
Kylie attends a "Kendal Collab Meeting" with her sister Kendal Jenner in preparation for their joint cosmetic product launch. During this meeting, she eats lunch.
Kylie is reunited with Stormi in the lobby of the Kylie Cosmetics office.
Kylie attends a "Skin Meeting".
Kylie poses for a photo shoot to promote her new lip kits.
Kylie drives home from the office in her pink robe.
Kylie gets ready for a surprise birthday party she planned for her friend and makeup artist, Ariel Tejada.
After gifting Ariel with a diamond-encrusted ring, Kylie heads home to her partner, Travis Scott.
Founder of Ouai haircare & celebrity hairstylist (112K)
Jen Atkin
Jen Atkin
Jen wakes up and feeds her dog, Roo.
Jen gets dressed and ready for a day at the Ouai office. She chooses her outfit based on inspirational pictures saved on her phone. She packs sushi and juice for lunch and prepares coconut cold brew for the road.
Jen arrives at Ouai HQ and attends a Product Development meeting.
Jen attends a meeting about designing a new Ouai HQ.
Jen eats a quick lunch (and picks out the red peppers).
Jen sits down to film a Q&A video for beauty brand Sephora before moving into a marketing meeting.
Jen unboxes PR packages with her assistant, Rayme.
Jen leaves the office and heads to a Botox appointment at the Epione Center in Beverly Hills.
Jen meets her partner, Mike, for a date night at Sunset Marquis in West Hollywood.
20-year old entrepreneur studying at UCLA (11.8K)
Richard Yu
Richard Yu
Richard wakes up and takes a cold shower. After this, he takes some time at the beginning of the day to journal, read the bible and pray. At the start of his day, Richard blocks out some time to do personal development reading. He can be found reading motivational material such as Bedros Keuilian's Man Up: How to Cut the Bullsh!t and Kick @ss in Business.
Richard undergoes what he calls "deep work" — sales training.
Richard eats breakfast at the dining hall at UCLA.
Richard ticks off his priority tasks early.
Richard eats a second mid-morning breakfast with a group of friends.
Richard takes the subway to his mentor's house.
Richard takes a Skype call with a content director.
Richard jumps on a "high-performance coaching call".
Richard wraps up work for the day and does a workout.
Richard gets a haircut near his mentor's home.
Richard rides the subway home.
Richard plays pool with other UCLA students.
Facebook Software Engineer intern (19.4K)
Chris Jereza
Chris Jereza
With coffee in hand, he sits down to answer emails and messages, and do some creative writing.
In the words of Chris, he overlooks his condo's balcony to "question his life choices" before heading to the gym. He admits he'll be skipping leg day.
Chris takes a shower and gets ready for the day. After getting dressed, he takes the shuttle to his office.
Chris arrives at the office and checks his daily agenda.
Chris meets with his manager before moving onto some coding work.
Chris rides a bicycle to a buffet lunch spot before arriving back at the office to enjoy a cup of complimentary coffee.
Chris continues coding.
Chris sets up meetings for the week and does a few laps of the office.
Chris writes up a test plan while lying down.
Chris heads out of the office.
Chris preps dinner.
Chris works on his "side hustle".
Chris uses a foam roller to stretch and spends some time scrolling on his phone. He later edits a YouTube video.
Chris plays the online game Apex Legends.
Chris makes a late-night snack of sunflower seed butter on bread before heading to sleep.
YouTuber living in LA (1.8M)
Sydney Serena
Sydney Serena
Sydney wakes up late after missing her usual 8:30 am alarm.
Sydney makes a glass of water and a midday breakfast smoothie using frozen berries, a banana, peanut butter and almond milk.
Sydney goes to a local gym to spend 20 minutes on the treadmill before doing an ab routine. After arriving back home, Sydney takes a shower and plugs her 20%-off code on bespoke shampoo and conditioner.
Sydney meets her friend Alexa to have a salad at Urth Caffé in downtown LA.
Sydney meets a group of friends to go to Starbucks before heading to church.
Sydney stops off at Subway on the way home from church. She orders a sub with crunchy Cheetos.
Natural Sciences student at Cambridge University (130K)
Paige sets her alarm for as late as possible since she's not a morning person. She rushes to eat a Kelloggs Nutri-Grain cereal bar. While eating, she watches content on her laptop.
Paige gets dressed into a casual NASA jumper and does a basic makeup routine. Once ready, she packs her bag for a day of lectures and sets off walking.
Paige arrives at her first lecture of the day on chemistry. A typical lecture focuses on a niche topic, such as kinetics.
Paige spends an hour working on physics questions in Starbucks while enjoying a latte.
Paige attends her second lecture in another university building. This lecture is on climate.
Following the earth sciences lecture, Paige attends an earth science practical, where she is told to fill out a worksheet based on the theory she has been taught that day.
Paige decides to prepare her own lunch rather than visit the cafeteria in order to save money. She enjoys a chicken sandwich while unwinding by watching YouTube videos.
Paige heads to chemistry supervision.
Paige reviews her physics test and amends any questions that were incorrect.
Paige walks 30 minutes to her next lecture hall instead of cycling, due to icy weather
Paige attends a brief lecture.
Paige sets off on her return walk to get to her maths supervision.
Paige treats herself to a cafeteria dinner.
Paige returns her attention to the physics worksheet she was previously working on.
After finishing up her physics work, Paige fills in her happiness journal.
Software Engineer at Airbnb (88.9K)
Life of Luba
Life of Luba
Luba wakes up, brushes her teeth and gets ready to leave the house.
Luba arrives at the office and picks up a complimentary continental breakfast — a plate of multiseed bread and soft cheese. She eats this while checking emails and messages at her desk. After breakfast, she takes a stroll to the watercooler before checking her daily tasks.
Luba meets the rest of the team in the office's communal area to enjoy team coffee time. She arrives back at her desk to do a block of work, starting off with priority coding tasks.
Luba grabs a lunch of seafood spaghetti and mixed salad. She eats this meal back at her desk.
Luba joins a product meeting.
Luba takes a second team break, this time to enjoy chai tea. On the way back to her desk, she visits a colleague who has brought puppies to work.
Arriving back at her desk, Luba sits down to work on service design.
Luba grabs a quick popcorn snack and makes a second visit to see her puppy friends.
Luba plays a game of chess with some of her colleagues before leaving the office.
Luba then heads to the gym.
Luba visits a local store to pick up deli cheese and red wine. When she arrives home, Luba preps a late evening snack.
Luba practices opera singing and further unwinds by spending some time browsing on the internet.
Mortgage Loan Officer (133K)
Ciara gets up early to enjoy a cup of coffee and check her emails. If she has time, she will edit a YouTube video.
Ciara performs her daily skin routine using a skin infuser tool that has been gifted to her. On the way to work, Ciara stops by Starbucks to order a venti skinny vanilla iced latte with almond milk.
Ciara takes care of time-sensitive tasks such as urgent phone calls or messages.
Ciara crunches some numbers to figure out the current state of mortgage rates depending on the stock market.
During her lunch hour, Ciara tries to be productive and makes appointments, such as a meeting with her nutritionist.
Ciara returns to making follow-up phone calls with clients, insurance companies and estate agents. Ciara uses a CRM system to keep track of incoming leads.
Ciara assesses her daily performance based on how many calls she has made. Each day, she tallies this up and aims to make at least 30 calls throughout the day.
Ciara joins a conference call with her co-workers.
When the call is finished, she leaves the office to attend an eyebrow appointment. She also runs some personal errands like going to the Apple store before eating a pasta salad in the car.
Ciara arrives home late. She makes dinner and watches some TV before heading to sleep.
Buzzfeed Employee and Content Creator (457K)
Kelsey Impicciche
Kelsey Impicciche
Kelsey wakes up at the sound of her alarm.
She does her morning workout in her apartment gym.
Kelsey heads back upstairs to spend some time with her dog and gets ready to leave for work.
Kelsey drops off her dog at the daycare centre as part of her daily commute.
Kelsey arrives at the Buzzfeed offices and grabs some breakfast before beginning work. Typical morning work includes long hours of editing videos.
Kelsey takes a mid-morning coffee break with one of her friends. They also take some Instagram pictures.
Kelsey grabs a simple lunch in the Buzzfeed building and settles down at her desk to eat while catching up on YouTube videos.
She heads straight back to work after eating.
Kelsey is asked to take part in a shoot with a mysterious celebrity. After the shoot, she returns to her desk to do more video editing.
While Kelsey waits for her video to export, she uses this time to catch up on emails and leave feedback on other videos created by the Buzzfeed team.
Kelsey stops personal work to help set up equipment for a live stream.
Kelsey leaves work after live streaming for two hours. On the way home, she picks up her dog from daycare.
Kelsey is picked up by a friend. They go out for sushi together.
Kelsey continues her friend-date by going to the movies. They choose a chick flick.
Kelsey returns home and gives her dog some attention. She makes a cup of tea as she prepares for the next day. She purposely lays out her workout clothes to avoid any early morning excuses. She then does some light reading before heading to sleep.
Cybersecurity student (33.2K)
Grant Collins
Grant Collins
Grant wakes up, makes a mug of coffee and writes down a daily gratitude reminder.
Grant spends a couple of hours on his computer setup studying for Security+.
Grant packs up and walks to his maths class.
Grant attends his first class of the day – maths.
Grant switches to a computer science class. In this class, he practices Java code.
After class, he grabs some takeout food and coffee.
Grant takes the remainder of his coffee to an engineering economics class.
Grant heads to a different room for a technical communications lesson.
Grant takes some time to focus on fitness. He does an eight-mile outdoor run.
Grant returns home to work on some maths homework.
Grant meets with some friends to have dinner in between homework sessions.
Grant returns home to continue studying. This time, he focuses on computer science homework.
Grant catches up with some reading in bed. He reads self-help materials such as The Rational Male by Rollo Tomasi. After reading, Grant shuts the lights off and catches up on some sleep.
Travel Bloggers and Remote Workers (107K)
Daneger and Stacey
Daneger and Stacey
Although Daneger and Stacey set their own schedules, they always rise at 7:00 am.
The couple find a coffee shop that opens early in whatever city they're visiting. They order coffee and set up their work station.
The couple continue to work with the coffee shop's fast internet.
Daneger and Stacey do a final few hours of work for the morning.
The duo drop off their work equipment before filling up their water supply and heading for a local lunch.
The couple use the afternoon to work from their apartment. They make cafetiere coffee.
Daneger and Stacey visit the gym for a late-afternoon workout.
After the gym, Daneger and Stacey visit a central food court for dinner.
The couple spend the remainder of the evening enjoying each other's company.
Vlogger & Flight Attendant (175K)
Ashley Smith TV
Ashley Smith TV
Ashley wakes up in a hotel in Philadelphia.
Since she has a couple of hours before needing to report downstairs, she eats a salad that she packed in her food bag.
Ashley gets ready for her first flight of the day. She does her makeup and hair in accordance with her airline's rules.
Ashley rides the elevator to meet her employees. She then gets in a scheduled vehicle to the airport.
Ashley orders a slice of pizza before catching her first flight to Chicago.
Ashley works on her first scheduled flight – Philadelphia to Chicago.
Ashley arrives in Chicago and quickly boards her second flight to New Orleans.
Ashley arrives at her hotel room to find that her keycard isn't working. She organises a replacement with hotel staff.
Ashley learns that her flight home has been cancelled. She must stay in her location for another day and will receive compensation on her next payslip. After the news, she heads to bed.
YouTuber & Tech Reviewer (11.5M)
Casey Neistat
Casey Neistat
Casey wakes up. He makes coffee in a CNN mug and sits down with his computer.
Casey does an hour of solid work where he can focus before his daughter wakes up.
Casey daughter, Francine, wakes up and together they bake cinnamon rolls.
After dropping his daughter off at school, Casey goes on his daily run.
Casey returns home from running and showers, shaves and leaves his New York apartment.
Casey commutes to "work" using his electric skateboard.
He gets down to work, whether that's emails, making phone calls or doing other stuff in his office.
Casey nips out of the office to get lunch. He chooses an iced doughnut with sprinkles.
Casey does more work after lunch. This time, he focuses on meetings, working on his project "368" and making more phone calls.
Casey hops back on his electric skateboard to skate around New York City before travelling home.
For the next three hours, Casey engages in family time, which is non-negotiable.
Casey heads to the gym for a quick end-of-day workout.
YouTuber & Gamer (101M)
Felix admits he's not a morning person. He has a late start, playing Torchlight II in bed with his dog.
Felix switches to playing Lucius — an online horror game — and films it for his channel.
Felix prepares to film a second and final video for the day.
Felix begins to edit videos. He films and edits YouTube videos every day.
Felix takes a shower while his video renders. He also creates thumbnails during this time.
Felix continues to edit so that he can upload both videos on time.
Felix goes to the cinema with his wife, Marzia. He spends the rest of the evening with her.
Ballet School Student & YouTuber (107K)
Bella Klassen
Bella Klassen
Bella wakes up sharply at her alarm.
Bella heads down to her home gym for a solo practice. Bella spends time practising ballet jumps and training her abs.
Bella starts getting ready for school while watching 'Friends' and chugs water.
Bella makes eggs for breakfast and packs her lunch bag.
Bella arrives at school and does English work in first period.
Bella heats up her lunch and eats.
Bella meets with the girls to do their hair for ballet. While she waits for class to start, Bella plays the piano.
Bella enjoys ballet class.
Bella does more schoolwork in the library.
Bella finishes school and goes out for dinner with her mum.
Bella goes to her after-school dance class.
Bella winds down in her family home before going to bed.
Minimalist, Sustainable, Zero-Waste, Raw Vegan Minimalist (173K)
Heal Your Living
Heal Your Living
On most days, Youheum wakes up at 6:00 am — with the exception of Sunday, when she allows herself two extra hours of sleep.
After waking up, she practices meditation.
After meditation, Youheum drinks water to stay hydrated before following a YouTube yoga tutorial with her sister.
Youheum gets changed after finishing yoga and takes a CBD oil supplement to reduce stress and anxiety. She also makes a breakfast smoothie.
Youheum rides to the farmers' market in her electric car.
At the market, she stocks up on food items and soap for washing her hair and body.
Youheum takes a separate trip to the grocery store to stock up on fruit, again, in her electric car.
While shopping, she explains her fruitarian diet, where she does no cooking as part of food preparation.
Youheum cycles to her community garden in Austin.
Youheum arrives at her Sangha to meet with her community. She takes dandelion tea that she has prepared for the group.
Youheum has dinner.
After dinner, she drinks sage and mint tea to unwind before bed.
Full-time YouTuber & Author (4.8M)
Zoe Sugg
Zoe Sugg
Zoe wakes up.
Zoe travels from Brighton to London with a friend, Mark. She chats about her transport-related anxiety.
Zoe arrives at Euston and picks up Grazia magazine in WHSmith to read her interview.
Zoe catches the tube to Hyde Park. When she gets there, she strolls through the rose garden with her friend Mark.
Zoe and Mark hire a pedalo.
Zoe and Mark sit in the park eating ice cream. She is approached by plenty of subscribers.
Zoe reads her Grazia article to Mark as they exit Hyde Park.
Zoe gets on the train back to Brighton, armed with snacks.
Zoe arrives at Mark's house. They hang out while Mark plays club tunes.
Zoe leaves Mark's house and meets her friends and boyfriend, Alfie, at The Ivy for dinner. They spend the rest of the evening together.
Fitness & Nutrition YouTube Channel (8.5M)
Jeff begins to stir from his sleep.
Jeff eats breakfast about 30 minutes after waking up. His first meal consists of pumpkin oatmeal, scrambled eggs (with salsa), skimmed milk and kiwi slices.
Jeff does a couple of hours of work on his fitness business, Athlean-X.
Jeff has a mid-morning snack, which is usually a protein shake with fruit.
Jeff takes conference calls with his athletes or teams to go over their schedule and coaching.
Jeff eats lunch after boxing off some work. A typical lunch might be a cajun chicken wrap with veggies, greek yoghurt and a bottle of sparkling water.
Jeff moves on to in-person training with his clients, either at his facility or at an athlete's personal gym.
Jeff has a second snack of black bean, veggie and onion soup paired with another bottle of sparkling water. Jeff says his secret to staying hydrated is to drink sparkling water, as it has a better texture than regular water.
Jeff returns to work on the Athlean-X business. He'll use this time to answer emails and craft concepts for future videos.
Jeff eats dinner. On this occasion, Jeff eats tuna steak, asparagus and sweet potato mash with a third bottle of sparkling water.
Jeff spends some time at home with his wife, Michelle, and their four black labradors — two of which are rescue dogs. Just before 9:00 pm, Jeff pairs a pre-workout substance with water to prepare for training.
Jeff begins training. He usually isolates different muscle groups for about 30 minutes of his training regime.
Jeff takes a post-workout protein shake with cinnamon.
Jeff continues to work on his business. He says this is the most productive time of day for him. As he finishes off, Jeff takes a protein recovery drink with blueberries moments before he goes to bed.
YouTuber & Remote Worker (142K)
Charli wakes up and leaves her phone on aeroplane mode until she's out of bed to avoid pointless scrolling.
Charli sits on her sofa and checks Slack and Basecamp to check in with her US-based team.
Before getting engrossed in her main job, Charli dedicates some time to a side project. This might include editing or making notes for her podcast.
Before moving to her standing desk, Charli makes a quick breakfast of granola, almond milk and blueberries.
Charli begins the bulk of her work for the day at her standing desk.
Charli chooses to break up her workday by going to the gym. She goes mid-morning to avoid an influx of people.
After showering, Charli returns to work. She'll choose a larger task to complete at midday.
Because Charli's concentration begins to fade in the afternoon, she decides to spend a few hours working in a cafe, either in Central London or somewhere local.
Charli ends her workday taking video calls with her team. Her US-based coworkers are just waking up at this time.
After work, Charli has a solid chunk of time to spend doing her own thing.
Lifestyle YouTuber & Ex-Convict (388K)
Christina Randall
Christina Randall
Christina wakes up in her corner bunk and removes the toilet paper from her ears and a rolled-up t-shirt from her eyes that she uses to help her sleep in the noisy compound.
Christina turns around and makes her bed. She puts on her name tag, shower slippers and waits for the count. When her number is called, she goes past the guard station to the communal bathrooms. She hopes to find a bathroom stall. She uses the communal sinks to get ready.
Christina puts on her blue jumpsuit and black workboots. Then, she heads to the canteen to make coffee (with extra creamer and cocoa to make it taste okay). She lines up at breakfast and gets served egg and toast on trays.
Christina hears the work call from her dorm and makes her way to the shed. Today, she is groundskeeping. She checks out a rake to start raking.
Christina and her friends try to find some shade in the Florida sun during work hours. If they find a place to stand, they chat about "the outside."
Christina goes back to her bunk to get called for lunch. At lunch, she eats a typical prison lunch: a bologna and cheese sandwich — complete with stale bread.
Christina gets released for work again. She continues to rake or hide from the COs.
Towards the end of her shift, Christina returns to the shed to return her tool for the day. Each tool is checked in and out to make sure all tools are accounted for.
Christina goes back to the canteen to eat dinner. A typical prison dinner is meatloaf. At this point of the day, there are flies in the canteen due to the enclosed heat.
After dinner, Christina is free to roam around the yard, make phone calls and sit around her dorm. She may also go to the canteen or basketball courts.
During the last moments of daylight, the guards announce that the yard is closed. Christina can go into the TV room, but she usually tries to take a shower instead.
Christina heads back to her bunk. She might read or write a letter. Sometimes, she puts on headphones to listen to music. In the evenings, Christina often sits and thinks deeply about how her friends and family are spending time on the outside.
At lights out, Christina puts toilet paper back in her ears and wraps her face up in fresh clothing so that she won't be woken by other inmates. She also makes sure her bedsheets are covering her to avoid being disturbed by flies.

Rarely do we see the behind-the-scenes of an influencers life. Even when we catch a glimpse in a raw, vlog-style video, we’re still only invited to watch selected parts chosen in the editing process. This leaves us wondering, “what does an influencer actually do all day?”

The popular YouTube tag, A Day in the Life, is perhaps the closest answer.

This content format — where an influencer takes you through an average day in their life, complete with timestamps — has been adopted by all types of influencers from students, entrepreneurs and even by PewDiePie, a YouTuber with over 100M subscribers.

Kylie Jenner’s version fetched an impressive 36M views — and plenty of media scrutiny (more on that later) — proving most of us are guilty of taking a nosey at someone else’s reality, every now and then.

Infographic showing when influencers wake up

Are early mornings the secret behind an influencer’s success? Maybe for some. The world’s top business people — like Apple’s CEO Tim Cook who rises at 03:45 am — are known for their seemingly unachievable work routines and wake-up times. So is viral content creator, Casey Neistat.

Casey wakes up at 04:45 am and spends the first few hours of his day wisely — doing work before his daughter wakes up. Like Neistat, 20-year-old entrepreneur, Richard Yu wakes before dawn, yet for slightly more holistic reasons. Richard begins the day with a cold shower before moving on to journaling, bible reading, prayer and some self-development reading (if he can squeeze it in).

Feeling guilty for all those lazy mornings? Don’t worry — not all influencers spring out of bed in the morning.

Billionaire Kylie Jenner has another hour in bed before she wakes her daughter, Stormi, while LA-based YouTuber Sydney Serena starts her day at 11:00 am after missing her 8:30 am alarm. Sound familiar?

The latest to rise — Ashley Smith TV — can be forgiven for her late wake-up call. At 1:00 pm, Ashley wakes up after a long night of work and travel due to her job as a flight attendant.

Infographic showing when influencers are most social

Being social and having a career in social media go hand in hand — right?

Although Sydney starts her day much later than most, she still manages to squeeze in plenty of time with friends, which also makes for great YouTube content. Sydney’s Day in the Life video makes us think you’d be able to easily find her if you looked in LA’s to-be cafes at midday — think Alfreds and Verve — as she fits not one but two coffee dates in the space of one afternoon.

Kelsey Impicciche shows us you don’t have to be a full-time influencer to get social. What’s the trick? Just get a job at Buzzfeed. Kelsey manages to hang out with her dog before she goes to work and take a midday coffee-break-come-Instagram-shoot with a friend. After work, she grabs sushi with another friend before watching a chick-flick movie at the cinema. The “work” part of her day doesn’t seem so isolating either, as she’s mostly busy setting up video equipment, meeting celebrities and giving feedback to fellow team members.

By far, the most social Day in the Life is Zoe Sugg’s. Although every day can’t be like this for vlogger, businesswoman and author, Zoe, on this particular day, her schedule is filled with friendly fun. Zoe travels to London with friend Mark to visit Hyde Park and hire a pedalo.

For a few influencers, in-person socialising goes unmentioned. Although we’re sure, time spent on social media fulfils their basic need for friendship.

Amongst them are Natural Sciences student, PaigeY and flight attendant Ashley Smith TV. Where job roles and study become the focus of a YouTube channel — rather than the personality of the influencer — influencers tend to spend less time in a friend’s company and more time showcasing their hectic schedule and career path.

In this sense, watching these types of YouTube channels is helpful. Thinking of studying Natural Sciences? You should know that Paige attends six lectures in a typical day. What’s more, she’s committed enough to schedule three independent revision sessions in the same day, making her entire schedule revolve around study.

Ashley’s jet-set lifestyle means she wakes up in one hotel room and goes to bed in a different one. She also works on two flights throughout the day — neither chartered for her hometown.

Infographic showing when influencers are most active

Plenty of people are in awe of Kylie Jenner’s hourglass figure yet this influencer doesn’t spend any time in the gym. The most active YouTubers are Casey Neistat, Bella Klassen and Heal Your Living each doing more than one physical activity per day.

Casey’s jam-packed routine allows him to go for a run in the morning and visit the gym at night. Known as a perpetually active person — who’s prone to a few injuries — Casey doesn’t stop where most of us would. Casey’s evening gym routine begins at 10:00 pm just six hours before his wake-up call.

It’s not surprising that Bella Klassen is heavily active throughout the day. As a ballet student, Bella practices three times a day both as part of a professional dance group and once in her home gym.

Youheum of the channel Heal Your Living takes a different approach to fitness. As a self-professed minimalist, Youeheum keeps it simple. She begins the day with a YouTube yoga tutorial and ends it with a leisurely bike ride to her community garden.

Joining Kylie, celebrity hairstylist, Jen Atkin devotes zero time to working out — as does YouTuber and gamer PewDiePie — proving you don’t need to be obsessed with being in shape to be popular (PewDiePie recently surpassed 100M subscribers).

Infographic showing when influencers commute

As you’ll know, every Ninja at Exposure Ninja works remotely, meaning no one has to waste time commuting to work. Not everyone is so lucky.

Entrepreneur, Richard Yu takes the subway twice to visit his mentor’s house while student, PaigeY battles with the icy ground to walk to her Cambridge lectures on time.

The above commutes might seem like a frustrating waste of time given the influencer’s busy schedules, but for some YouTuber’s commuting is a preferred choice. Everybody knows that Casey Neistat enjoys riding around New York on his electric skateboard — although Casey recently moved to LA where electric bikes are all the rage.

Topping them all is Zoe Sugg who needed to catch two-hour-long trains to reach London. Zoe used this commute to open up about her transport-related anxiety. Glamour Magazine covered Zoe’s anxiety after she took to Instagram to chat about living with the effects of a social media-obsessed world.

Remote work channels CharlieMarieTV and couple account, Danger and Stacey have zero commuting on their hands. They spend their time moulding their schedule around their needs, whether it’s taking a midday gym break or travelling the world.

Infographic showing when influencers eat

Do all influencers eat acai bowls and drink Fiji water? Not quite, though we wouldn’t mind switching out our lunch box for most of these meals.

Jen Atkin gets picky with her salad lunch by picking out the red peppers, while Life of Luba digs into a healthy portion of seafood spaghetti (given to her for free by her workplace). As usual, Casey Neistat breaks all the rules opting for an iced doughnut with sprinkles.

Snack time gets serious for Chris Jereza at 11:10 pm as he digs into a slice of toast, while a pizza slice is all Ashley Smith TV has time to eat in between boarding.

Not many meals are mentioned in a Day in the Life, reflect the similarly popular YouTube tag “What I Eat in a Day” — as few of them are healthy. You can always count on fitness coach Jeff from the channel ATHLEAN-X to watch his macros though, as he tucks into a strict breakfast plan.

Interestingly, Christina Randall’s channel allows us to see into Christina’s former life as a prisoner where mealtime means meatloaf complete with complimentary flies. Suddenly we’re not so hungry.

Infographic showing when influencers take personal time

A whopping 86% of young people want to be influencers but is being in front of a camera worth the hype?

If you want to get botox done in Beverly Hills on your way home from work, then maybe the answer is “yes” as this is what just so happens to be part of Jen Atkin’s routine the day she was filming. Perhaps you’ll pass on the clinical procedures and instead read a feature article about yourself in Grazia. That dream has become a reality for Zoe Sugg who picks up a copy of the magazine in WHSmith.

Other personal moments seem a little more achievable such as student, PaigeY’s late evening task — writing in her happiness journal. The same goes for Youheum’s (from the channel Heal Your Living) simple ritual of drinking sage and mint tea to unwind.

The most popular influencers on our list rarely take time out for themselves. Both Kylie Jenner and PewDiePie report zero personal tasks, instead prioritising work activities and social time with friends or family.

Infographic showing when influencers do their makeup

In 2018, Kylie Jenner reportedly sold $630 million worth of make-up. We can’t imagine what that figure is now. We might be lapping up Kylie’s cosmetic products globally, but do influencers see the value in the same beauty routines?

Kylie herself spends time each morning picking out an outfit and handbag in her impressive walk-in wardrobe. Similarly, Jen Atkin decides what to wear by looking at inspirational style pictures saved on her phone. Mortgage Loan Officer, Ciarahoneydip takes her skincare routine seriously while showing off a press product — a new skin infuser tool.

Ballet dancer, Bella Klassen swears by drinking water and mentions chugging down litres of the stuff while getting ready. Casey Neistat does a standard shower and shave before he leaves his apartment while Ashley Smith TV seems to have the strictest beauty routine, not out of choice but necessity. Ashley must do her hair and make-up as per her airline’s rules.

A surprising amount of YouTubers leave their beauty secrets a secret and only pick up the camera when the hard work is over.

Infographic showing the hours influencers work

Perhaps the most intriguing thing about online personalities is how they make their money (and just how much they make). Do influencers have an easy time compared to the average nine-to-five worker? Or, is sharing your life online with a bunch of strangers a heavy burden that deserves fair compensation?

In classic Kylie Jenner style, the young entrepreneur shows herself in various meetings focused on her skincare brand, Kylie cosmetics. Kylie makes money from her self-image and later is the focus of a photoshoot aiming to promote Kylie’s new lip kits.

Other influencers appear to have “normal jobs” where their office isn’t entirely colour co-ordinated pink. Kelsey Impicciche, for example, works at the American entertainment company, Buzzfeed. (The same company that decided to write an entire article on Kylie’s Day in the Life video — noting the star’s minimal diet and her neglect to mention her workout routine). Although — like the rest of us — Kelsey has a boss to answer to, her day-to-day tasks seem out of this world. Throughout her Day in the Life video, Kelsey spends her time setting up a live stream and getting her hair done by a surprise celebrity guest.

Of course, some influencers have formed their job roles through years of dedication to their channel. This method has really paid off for YouTuber and gamer PewDiePie as he walks us through a day where he plays video games for fun (and payment).

Others get views from sharing relatable content such as flight attendant, Ashley Smith TV. Ashley’s viewers enjoy watching her conventional job role as they see how the vlogger boards different flights, gets ready for work and holds down an unpredictable lifestyle. The same goes for remote work channels that showcase how our Ninjas might choose to spend their day at work. Some remote workers — like couple account Daneger and Stacey — choose to be location independent, travelling around the world. Others, like CharliMarieTV, prefer to work from a home base. While Daneger and Stacey set up a workstation in a coffee shop, Charli starts to work bright and early at 7:00 am from the comfort of her sofa.

Influencer's Day Infographic

So, what’s the purpose of this video format? The content produced as a result of the Day in the Life trend might seem shallow and at times damaging (especially to children and adolescents who are easily swayed by behaviour online). The most-watched Day in the Life on our list — Kylie Jenner’s 19-minute video — is certainly the most talked about. Publications like Cosmopolitan are particularly interested in Kylie’s parenting techniques, while follow-up videos — such as Kylie’s decision to practice co-sleeping and not get her smashed phone screen fixed — highlight other aspects of the video.

Watching Kylie Jenner’s daily routine might feel totally unimportant or unethical to you. However, these days, YouTube’s platform provides much more than airhead reality star content. Some of these Day in the Life videos are positively influencing the young demographic that watches them.

Take Christina Randall’s story that discourages misguided viewers from taking actions that will result in jail time. Or, PaigeY’s content that acts as a live prospectus for students who aspire to attend Cambridge.

When influencers act responsibly, they can help to shed light on important issues like mental health, poor smear test attendance, homelessness and climate change.

In a way, YouTube’s Day in the Life tag gives you a perfect opportunity to vet the influencers you watch. When given the opportunity and freedom to set their day-to-day schedule however they like, how do your favourite influencers choose to spend their time?

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