How We Work

Typically our clients have 3 goals:


Understanding your business


The first step in our relationship will be to understand your business: how you work, the type of customers you wish to attract, and your growth goals. Understanding how ambitious you are and how much you want to grow helps us create a plan with you to reach these goals.

Once we understand where you’re going, we’ll work out exactly what it’s going to take to get you there. This is usually a combination of different marketing channels: SEO, PPC, Social Media, Website design and conversion optimisation. What does this mean for you?


Everything under one roof


Rather than having to coordinate different companies to build and promote your website, carry out your advertising,  coordinate social media, and work with you strategically, we take care of everything. You have one point of contact for all your online marketing needs. Another advantage of this approach is that you know your money is being spent in the most effective place possible. Consider this example:

A PPC management company notices that your PPC account performance has flatlined and no further improvements in the campaign can be made. Because they only sell PPC, they’re unlikely to tell you this and will continue spending that management money until you say stop.

At the same time, your social media management company realises that social media is not bringing a good ROI, perhaps due to your market sector and the nature of your sale.

Meanwhile your search rankings are not improving, the website is not converting and no one is monitoring this.

Compare this to working with Exposure Ninja:

You come on board to get some help with your PPC campaign. We make some changes that lead to a drastically improved cost per conversion, but we notice that to improve results further some conversion optimisation will be needed on the website. We’ll let you know, then offer to carry out the work. While we’re there, our SEO team optimises your website to boost its rankings, and it sees an increase in Google organic traffic. As a result, we recommend trialling a month of SEO to see how the rankings respond to some promotion. It goes well and the increase in enquiries justifies the investment in SEO, so we decide together to add SEO to your PPC package.

The PPC continues to go well, but eventually the incremental improvement means that you’d receive a higher ROI from an increase in SEO work, so we make this recommendation and reassign part of your PPC budget to SEO.


The goal: High ROI for you


All of our promotion work is assigned according to one simple criteria:

What promotion channel will achieve the highest ROI for your business?

To a hammer, everything looks like a nail. To a pure-SEO company, the solution to every problem is “more SEO”. To a PPC company, every business needs PPC. We’re not tied to any particular solution – we’re here to grow your business in the most profitable way for you, using any of the tools at our disposal.

Working with Exposure Ninja, you can relax in the knowledge that if there was a better way to be promoting your business online, we’d already have suggested it to you. Your job is to run your business, it’s our job to get you more customers.


Reporting and Transparency


You need to understand exactly what we’re doing to promote your business. Not always the technical details (sometimes that is appropriate), but certainly the ‘how’ and ‘why’.

That’s why each month you’ll receive a detailed PDF report explaining exactly what we’ve done that month to promote your business and why. We’ll use rank tracking, analytics stats and conversion tracking to show the number of enquiries and total return on your investment from our work so you’re completely clued up and able to make informed decisions.




You’ll have one point of contact in Exposure Ninja. This person is your Marketing Partner, and it’s their job to understand your business and oversee the plan that we’re running for you.

You’ll also be in regular communication with individual ninjas who are carrying out the work for you because with something as important as your business’s marketing it’s really important that communication is clear.

If ever you have any questions, you’ll have phone and email access to your Marketing Partner and any other Ninjas that you’ve been talking with. We work regular UK office hours, but often use email outside of hours as well.