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Why Ninja Hosting Is Different

Developer Ninja

When you’re running a business, unless you have in-house tech support people, working with a traditional hosting company can be a nightmare. Got a problem? Here’s a 25 page written guide in gobbledygook – good luck! Pressed the wrong button in WordPress and your site has broken? You’d better hope you’ve got a back up and know how to install it!

BUT if you’re looking for hosting that you don’t have to worry about, with a team of dedicated tech support ninjas available to fix any issues that you have, hosting from Exposure Ninja is here to save you from tech hell.

What's Included With Ninja Hosting?

Fully Managed Hosting For You

Let our tech team do the hard work whilst you focus on running your business. Need a new email setting up? We’ll do it. Need something fixing? Don’t spend hours smashing your head against a tech wall, we’ll handle it for you.

It’s the lowest hassle hosting you’ll find.

Email Included

We’ll look after your emails and take care of any problems when they arise. Whether it’s setting up new email accounts, troubleshooting or whatever, let our support ninjas sort it for you whilst you get on with the more important things at hand.

Regular Backups

Pressed the wrong thing and everything has gone white? New apprentice just accidentally deleted your blog? Don’t worry – we take regular backups and can restore your site with minimum hassle.

Unlimited Storage

Don’t worry how big your site is, our Ninja servers are bigger than Disneyland so we have space for all of your files.

This includes email attachments, because we know that having to move your emails to a different server just because you get a lot of emails is a hassle that nobody deserves to face.

WordPress Hack Protection

We love WordPress, but it’s popularity makes it a target for hackers too, and from time to time Wordpress sites can get hacked.

Ninja Growth Hosting comes with Hack Recovery from our very own specialist Hacking Ninja. If your site goes down, we’ll identify the cause, get the site back up and install improved security to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

Hosting Packages


Growth & Small
E-Commerce Websites

Business Premium & Large E-Commerce Websites

WordPress updates installed on a regular basis




Plugin and theme updates installed




Backups of the site taken




Upgraded Security Installed




Hack Recovery




Email Hosting*

Basic setup
Maximum 2 email accounts

Basic setup
Maximum 5 email accounts

Advanced email & app integration
More than 5 email accounts

Monthly Payments




Annual Payments




* Email Hosting is an optional service we provide. We can still host your website if you already have an email solution in place.

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