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This allows us to tailor our website review to their goals and current situation. All information is strictly confidential.

What’s Included?

Your marketing review video will include recommendations in the following areas:

Usability and Clarity

Is your business and offering clearly presented?

Uncertainty leads to lost sales, so we’ll flag any wording issues that could be turning off visitors.

Conversion and Optimization

Are there any accidental ‘conversion blockers’ which can quickly be removed, in order to turn more visitors into buyers?

Sometimes it takes an outsider to spot them!

Visibility and Traffic

Is your website showing up where it needs to?

We’ll identify any issues holding back ranking and suggest ways to increase traffic, using both free and paid channels.

Competitor Analysis

What are your most successful competitors doing?

We’ll show you their strengths so you can copy them, and their weaknesses so that you can exploit them.

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