Thought Leadership Blog Website

The Emerging Future Institute contacted Exposure Ninja to build a thought leadership blog site, with a members’ area, premium articles, newsletter signup and events calendar.

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1. Background

The Emerging Future Institute is a futurist consultancy firm, helping companies and governments to predict and prepare for the future. They reached out to Exposure Ninja to build them a forward-thinking membership website to be a platform for paid subscriptions and thought leadership.

2. Objectives

The mixture of membership site, consultancy lead generation, newsletter signups and, of course, the free content that was going to generate most traffic initially, meant that this website development project was far from ordinary.

We wanted to build a WordPress site that the Emerging Future Institute could use intuitively, add content to, and get the most out of – we believe sites are designed to be used, not just sit untouched years from launch day.

It also had to be simple for users to navigate, as the range of topics, goals, and audiences on the site had the potential to make for quite a confusing layout. We opted to keep everything as simple as we possibly could, only adding things to the layout which were absolutely necessary.

3. Strategy

To design a magazine-style website like this, showing visitors a range of articles, calls to action and content options – all whilst keeping the layout uncluttered – was quite a tricky challenge. Luckily the EN design team were up for the challenge (they usually are) and designed a layout that funneled visitors with different goals to the relevant sections of the site.

We spent time in the design phase refining the site’s look until both Ninjas and client were happy.

Once the designs for each page type were complete, we moved into the build phase. Our Developer Ninjas coded the design into WordPress, the SEO team worked their magic, and the membership functionality was tested before the site was released.

4. Results

Within 4 months of launch, the site was picking up 4,000 visits per month. Analytics metrics are positive, with the average number of pages per session being 3.87 (demonstrating the importance of the internal linking and content cross-promotion around the site).

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