New Lead Generation Website for Unique Boiler Engineer Brand

A branding-led lead generation website built for Boiler Boffin, an ambitious and growing boiler installation and servicing company in North London and Hertfordshire.

Feature image for Lead Generation Website for Boiler Engineer Case Study

Brand Identity

Whilst Boiler Boffin came to us with a logo, and a great, unique name to set them apart from others in their industry, their existing website lacked a real sense of brand.

We incorporated a clearly defined colour scheme and style throughout their new website, ready for them to use throughout their marketing materials to brand the business.

Enabling Online Bookings

From the start, we were keen to introduce a 100% online process to allow customers to book a home visit with Boiler Boffin.

Sometimes people are discouraged from picking up the phone – they’re busy, they don’t want to be caught up in a game of telephone tennis when they just need a boiler service – so we worked with Matt to tailor an online booking process that’s not only easy for an end user to follow, but will reduce Matt’s own admin and streamline his business processes.

Now, he has all bookings stored in one place, and can see at a glance what services he has coming up.

The system arms against double bookings, by allowing Matt to set how many timeslots he has available for each working day, and preventing customers from booking a taken slot. Matt can even put a buffer in place to avoid any last minute appointments, and can review each appointment request to ensure they are based within the areas he covers.

Increasing Conversions

The primary goal for the new site was to get Boiler Boffin more appointments. We have incorporated a booking form and clear call to action on every page of the site, to ensure that potential customers can convert at any point of their user journey.

Brand Exposure Using Videos

Putting a face to a name is a great way to humanize a brand, so we’ve harnessed the power of video throughout the site as another way to engage users.

Matt talks us through his services, provides useful information to aid customers who are choosing which thermostat to go for, and even gives a video walkthrough of the new booking system to ensure anyone is able to make a booking at any time.

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