627% Increased Sales and Enquiries for Safety Equipment B2B Business

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1. Background

Our client sells safety equipment such as safety goggles and hardhats to other businesses. When the client started working with Exposure Ninja, their website was getting about 1,822 visitors per month. We were able to increase the number of visitors on our client’s website to 8,438 per month.

Caption: the graph above shows how the number of visitors coming to the client’s website via Google searches has increased during the first year of our work together, compared to the previous year of zero growth.

2. Objective

To begin with, our client was sceptical. Could Content Marketing and SEO really “work” for business-to-business websites? Our challenge was showing the client that things like blogs can move the needle in a more “serious” market.

3. Strategy

As always, we looked at the kind of Google searches being made by our client’s potential customers to help us come up with a plan. The first thing we noticed is that there are a lot of Google searches for safety equipment made every month. There are also a lot of businesses competing with each other for a share of those potential customers.

We decided to spread our efforts across several different product types. With competitive industries, there’s always a risk that competitors will double down on their marketing efforts at the same time you do, which can make it difficult to make progress. But by making modest improvements to our client’s marketing across a wide number of product types, we were able to bring in a lot of new customers.

  • We made some early progress by improving the sales copy on our client’s website. Using our keyword research, we were able to find out which terms and phrases our client’s potential customers were looking for. We also removed clunky or overly technical language across the website, which made it easier for the site’s visitors to understand why they should place an order.
  • We tidied up the page titles and meta descriptions across our client’s website. Each webpage has a page title, but many people forget to set this. We used some simple formulas to generate unique but descriptive page titles across thousands of product pages.
  • We set up Google Analytics so that we could accurately count the number of people visiting the site and placing orders. Because there wasn’t any tracking set up before we started work, all the data you’ll see is actually from our second month onwards.
  • Our client had previously paid another agency to create blog content and wasn’t impressed with the results. Initially, our client was reluctant to have us spend time on the site’s blog. But in the end, it proved to be one of our most important channels for attracting new visitors to the site.
  • As well as creating new blog content, we also went back and improved some of the older content that was on the site already. By removing jargon and simplifying difficult sentences we were able to see almost immediate improvements to republished older blog content.
  • We also worked on getting our client mentioned in several small business websites. We made sure to target websites that were likely to be popular with our client’s target audience.

Caption: the graph shows our client’s online “visibility” over time. A website is considered more visible when it appears in more Google searches. Higher visibility almost always leads to a higher number of website visitors.

4. Package

Our client started with a medium-sized marketing budget. But given the competitive landscape, it took a difficult six months to start hitting our first significant milestones. Sadly, behind-the-scenes business changes meant that our client was forced to reduce his marketing budget a few months later. We continued to work on a shoestring budget, but it wasn’t enough. We saw online sales start to drop a few months after the budget cuts

5. Results

Despite the funding cuts, our client’s website still sees more online sales and enquiries then it did when we started working together. While it may be difficult for us to reach the same peaks as before, we’re confident we’ll be able to maintain the website’s decent numbers.

  • We increased the number of website visitors by 219% in one year.
  • We increased the number of people coming to the site via Google searches by 363%.
  • We increased online sales and enquiries by 627%.

Our client said that they were happy with the progress made on their website and were forced to cut their marketing budget due to reasons outside their control.

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