Estate Agent CPA From £139.43 To £44.11

This estate agency had been using Google Ads to generate leads for their services. Things weren’t working as well as they could have been, so they called us in to take over their campaign.

Our PPC team were able to dramatically decrease the CPA, whilst also significantly increasing the number of leads that the campaign was bringing in.

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1. Background

This company is an independent estate agents in the heart of London’s Hammersmith. They are truly local experts and are renowned for their personal approach, relationship building and of course, their property expertise. 90% of sales and rental valuations in the Hammersmith area are done through this company.

2. Objective

The client had been self-managing their Google Ads for several years. When they teamed up with Exposure Ninja they mainly wanted to see if expert PPC management could refine the overall performance of their Google Ads account. The objective was to enhance the traffic quality, CPC, and, ultimately, they wanted to see major improvement in conversions.

The goal of the campaign was to drive in more enquiries from landlords and homeowners ready to sell their property and from future tenants and prospective buyers. Another important aim for our client was to compete better in the digital sphere against the large players of the crowded central London market.

3. Strategy

We started with our Roadmap service where we evaluate the existing account into the smallest details and advise on strategy.

One of the things we often see is an overly complicated account structure. The best practice is to group similar terms into specific ad groups. This, however, can often mean that people get carried away and create many campaigns and many ad groups. This makes the account harder to manage. Therefore, our first step was to simplify the account structure based on the services and campaign goals.

Secondly, we created several extended search ads for each new ad group. We also set up some ad extensions such as sitelinks, call-outs and call extensions. These help to secure more space for the ad so it looks more prominent. It also helps users to complete the wanted action much faster.

To ensure that each click through the site is as profitable as possible, we also evaluated the past campaign data for the dates, times and devices that the ads had been performing best. This allowed us to quickly focus the budget in the areas of highest profit.

4. Results

The Click Through Rate increased by 55.28% and the Conversion Rate increased from 0.74% to 4.43%.

Within 6 months, we had brought down the CPC by 42%. We’ve also seen a 12X increase in conversions over the first 6 months of our PPC management.

The account takeover has been a resounding success, the campaign is profitable and the company remains a member of the Ninja family.

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