Dental Law Solicitors generates over £16k revenue from an ad spend of less than £1k

Forget 10X, try 16X

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Reaching 51,000 potential customers with a 1000% increase in leads within the first 3 months.

1. Background

The client is a solicitor specialising in claims for negligence in the dental industry. As this is such a specialised and niche area of work, the client was struggling to find the work they needed.

When the website was initially launched, it was generating 4-5 leads per day, but this had recently dropped off to just 2 per month. With such a drastic drop in leads, the client needed to find a way of generating business quickly.

2. Objective

The client was looking to return their business to the previous levels of interest in order to sustain the business income.

3. Strategy

We recommended Facebook advertising for this client.

Because many people may not be aware that they have a dental claim, they won’t be searching for claims solicitors online. Content marketing and paid search advertising both require intent, making them less relevant to the situation.

With Facebook advertising we were able to reach these people and let them know of the service our client is providing. Facebook advertising is also a good way of driving traffic to the website as it is quick to launch and start generating results.

We also created a dedicated landing page for this campaign in order to streamline the process for customers. A good landing page makes it easy for a potential customer to get in touch and this was important to the success of this campaign.

4. Results

What happened in the short term?

In the first month we spent £278.31 and generated 8 leads for the client. The initial month was mostly about setting up a campaign, testing the targeting options and Calls To Action that would work the best for the campaign, and gaining data to allow for data-based optimisation in month two.

After focusing on the areas that we could see worked well, further optimising the landing page for conversions and updating lower performing ads based on feedback and ads data, we increased to 22 leads in month two. The above image shows an increase in budget of only £50. Most of the increase in number of leads is from our optimisations to the campaign.

At a CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) of £15, the client is very happy with the results this campaign is achieving. In the solicitor industry, a good quality lead can be worth a lot as each client represents a significant amount individually. A dental negligence case can be worth anywhere from a £1,000s to £150,000+ in fees for our client.

It’s important that this campaign is scalable. We have reached 51,000 people with this ad campaign so far, as shown in the above screenshot. We have identified a potential audience of 500,000 people. This means we expected to generate many more leads for this client over the coming months in the campaign.

Testimonial From The Client

I can summarise my dealings with Exposure Ninja with just one word “Slick”.  Staff members are polite and professional and have a wealth of ideas on how to help market your business.  They have a deep understanding of SEO & Marketing overall – this is reflected in marked improvements in my website traffic. Exposure Ninja stand out from the crowd when it comes to digital marketing and I have no hesitation in recommending their services.

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