Facebook Ads CPA Slashed by 50%

Facebook Ads CPA Reduction of 50% Case Study

1. Background

The client specialises in booking wedding bands in the UK.

The client came to Exposure Ninja through a recommendation and was quite eager to commence the campaigns through Facebook. The client had already tested this out and found they were registering an average cost of £40 per enquiry.

We began our Facebook Ads campaign by creating a new campaign structure and tailored ads for this client. The ads were mostly videos, as we know video ads are one of the top-performing formats on this channel.

2. Objective

The cost per acquisition (CPA) was fairly high at £40 per lead, so we aimed to lower this, as well as incrementally increase the volume of leads. The challenge was to target only the relevant audience for the client’s niche through Facebook Ads and to increase the amount of leads by approximately 50%,  lowering the CPA by the same percentage.

3. Strategy

The first step was to build the ads. As the client has direct competitors, we made the ads distinguishable, illustrating the competitive advantages of our client over these competitors.

The first step was making the creatives. As the client has a lot of real client testimonials, we chose to have user-generated content for the active ads, so we made testimonial ads. Each ad contained real client feedback, all with a clear CTA and with emojis to make the ads even more appealing on Facebook.

As soon as we began our Facebook Ads campaign, it started delivering leads. But we continued to A/B test different variations of ad copy, all using the client testimonial format.

As we gathered more data from the active campaign, we closely monitored ad performance and kept only the best delivering ads active. We also tested different audience targeting —  from lookalike past converters from Facebook pixel audience to remarketing and interest targeting. All had a healthy user journey and constantly improved results.

4. Package

This campaign was managed on a two-actions per month Facebook Ads package.

5. Results

Within five months, campaigns have reached an average of 50-70 leads per month. We’ve managed to slash CPA from £40 to between £14 and £26 — depending on the time of year, as this is a seasonal niche.

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