Redesign and 70% Organic Traffic Increase for Master the Curriculum

Business Type: B2C
Website Type: eCommerce
Service: Content Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Email Marketing, SEO, Website Development

What You Need to Know

  • 70% increase in organic traffic compared to the previous website.
  • 27,000 existing customer accounts were successfully imported.
  • 3200 existing individual products were transferred successfully.

What Our Client Says

The team has been a huge help in the process of creating the new website for Master the Curriculum.

It has been a large project and I’ve had many questions that are always answered by her in-depth, which is much appreciated.

Everything I requested was done to the same high standard and in a timely manner. Thank you!

The Business

Master the Curriculum is an educational resource website with resources for primary-level maths. Their extensive collection of high-quality and fun learning materials includes maths worksheets and activities. They design their resources to excite and inspire young learners to explore the wonderful world of numbers.

Screenshots of the Master the Curriculum website before and after the redesign.

Our Objective

The original website was clunky with a less than ideal user experience for site visitors and a limited ability to drive sales. Having been disappointed by multiple third-party developers who added custom code that proved impossible to maintain, Master the Curriculum approached Exposure Ninja to redesign and rebuild their website.

The key objectives of the website development project were to:

  • Expand the subscription-based model for users
  • Improve the website administration for non-technical team members
  • Redesign the website to increase conversions and, ultimately, sales.

Annotated screenshot of the form on the Master the Curriculum homepage.

How We Achieved It

The Package

The client initially started on a medium-sized SEO and Content Marketing campaign. They allocated a monthly campaign budget for rebuilding their website to expand their subscription model. We built the website using the WordPress CMS. After the site launch, the client continued their SEO, Content Marketing and Email Marketing campaign to promote the website.

The Strategy

During the speccing process, we identified that the main challenge of this project was the extremely high volume of existing data in the form of orders, users and products. Not only did these need to be migrated to the new website, but also retrofitted into the new subscription model. To achieve this, we needed to ensure that all existing users were migrated to the new website and assigned the correct membership.

In close collaboration with our client, and after extensive research of the technical solutions available to us, we decided that the WordPress platform offered some excellent plugins to help us reach Master the Curriculum’s objectives — allowing us to both migrate and provide a user-friendly interface for non-technical staff members. We were able to successfully migrate this data into the new platform.

As their website generates a high amount of activity, the client must work on it frequently (several times a day) to upload new resources. A week before go-live, we required the client to suspend any updates on the old website, so we launched the new website with up-to-date data. We planned the website launch during February’s half-term week (as most teachers would not be working and, therefore, wouldn’t have needed to access the website).

To further assist our client, Exposure Ninja created a library of training videos explaining how to use the new website’s backend for their team.

Annotated screenshot of the Master the Curriculum homepage.

The Results

During the website build, we imported 27,000 existing customer accounts and transferred 3,200 existing individual products onto the new website successfully.

Following the launch of the website, client feedback was positive. The simpler CMS interface paired with the training Exposure Ninja provided meant their staff could edit and update the website themselves rather than relying on external developers for small changes.

Since launching the website in March 2021, the site has attracted 200,000 visitors — a 70% year-on-year increase in organic traffic! In addition, the new subscription model has proven a great success, popular with both teaching professionals and parents alike.

Screenshot of the Master the Curriculum homepage.

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