132% Revenue Increase for Luxury Shoe Brand using Paid Social

Business Type: B2C
Website Type: eCommerce
Service: PPC

What You Need to Know

  • Our client was cautious about trialling Visit our Facebook Ads page and Visit our Instagram Ads page as they had tried them in the past, without success.
  • Within just one month, we increased our client’s revenue by 133% and transactions by 179%.
  • Over a quarter, the campaign produced an 80% increase in revenue compared to the previous year.

Who We Worked With

Our client is a UK based, high-end shoe brand, selling men’s and women’s shoes in some of the most exclusive department stores and on their website.

The competition in their field is fierce. However, the products are high quality and reasonably priced.

When our client joined us, we started them off on Google Ads, with a mixture of search and shopping campaigns. Our client was most comfortable focusing on Google Ads to start with, as they had been unsuccessful when they had tried Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads themselves in the past. However, after a year of our management of their Google Ads, our client allowed us to introduce paid social ads into the mix — and it soon became clear what an excellent decision this was.

The Objective

Our client wanted to continue increasing their sales and the reach of their paid advertising while keeping their costs down to maximise their return on investment.

How We Achieved It

The Strategy

To increase sales, we needed to grow our client’s brand awareness — and Facebook Ads is one of the best platforms for this.

There is a difference between a “need” and a “want”. Nobody really needs new Italian leather shoes or shops for them out of necessity; they are a luxury, a treat — “a want”. And with their fantastic “lookalike” audience targeting, there was no better place to create the “I want” among people similar to our client’s existing customers than on Facebook and Instagram.

We just had to convince our client to give these platforms another go.

Because of their past experience, our client was reluctant to give Facebook another chance. But our amazing success with Google Ads was the key to persuading them to try again with us.

We began by leveraging Facebook’s algorithm to identify similarities between our client’s customers to create prospecting campaigns to increase brand and product awareness — and identify new customers. From here, we used image ads, carousel and collection ads to showcase the client’s stunning products on Facebook and Instagram.

As well as targeting new customers with new platforms, we continued with Google Ads. We also built a small campaign using “retargeting” strategies to help reconnect with previous customers and website visitors who may not have been ready to buy before.

The Package

Our client started with Google Ads initially but upgraded their campaign to include Facebook Ads to test the platform. Because of the results we achieved, they decided to keep their upgraded package and even continued to invest more into paid social ads.

The Results

By investing in more paid social — and while continuing with Google Ads — our client saw overall sales increase by over 130%. Our client’s revenue increased by 133.23% in just one month and transactions increased by 179.59% — just with additional retargeting and prospecting on Facebook Ads!

Conversions from Google Ads also increased because potential buyers saw our client’s name and products across multiple platforms, which helped reinforce the impact and increase customer’s intent to buy. We saw the impressions for brand-related searches increasing by +111.14% quarter on quarter. Not only that, the shopping campaigns reported a 181.58% increase in conversions and the overall quarterly return on ad spend from Google Ads increased by +86.27%.

This trend continued overall month on month and we saw a quarterly increase in overall website sales of 132.57% and an increase in transactions of 197.51%. When we compared this quarter to the same time the previous year, there was a 45.16% increase in revenue and an 80.66% increase in transactions.

Facebook Ads had a positive impact on the overall performance of online sales for this eCommerce website. However, the most interesting fact is the highest increase in conversions was reported on the women’s line of products. While the conversions from the men’s product line increased by 127.20%, the women’s line sales increased by a whopping 351.52%.

By being able to “surround” new potential customers with our client’s brand on multiple channels, we increased the effectiveness of their ad spend on both — and generated more sales and ROI!

Screenshot of the Google Ads conversions for the feature brand.

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