2,564% Increase in Organic Traffic for Medical Clinic

Business Type: B2C
Website Type: Lead Generation
Service: Content Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimisation, SEO

What You Need to Know

  • 1,771% increase in total traffic.
  • 2,564% increase in organic conversions through search engines.
  • Leads increased by 417%.

Who We Worked With

Our client offers cosmetic surgery and non-surgical beauty treatments in London, in a competitive area for this type of business. When our client hired us, they were earning in total just under 1,500 total visits per month to their website.

The Objective

In many ways, our client was a typical business owner. He wanted to spend less time worrying about websites and marketing and more time devoted to his business’ core needs. We were given free rein (more or less) to improve his website however we saw fit, which suits us just fine!

How We Achieved It

The Strategy

We were fortunate to start with a website that functioned as intended and a business model that was already working. To build on this foundation, our UX Specialists helped improve the look and feel of the site’s key pages, making it easier for potential customers to book an appointment.

We wanted to begin by working on the “low hanging fruit” to start our client on the road to return on investment as quickly as possible. So after tackling the website’s conversion rate, we targeted pages on the site that were reasonably close to ranking well. Moving a webpage from position 11 to position 10 can be a big win as it represents a move from the second page onto the first page of the search results. Similar wins can be had by moving from position four to three as it moves the web page “above the fold” of the search results page. By targeting this low-hanging fruit, we could do a lot in a relatively short space of time.

We then worked through each of the key service pages in order of value to the client, optimising and improving copy. This, along with some techniques mentioned later, really helped us secure some “position zero” rankings. Position zero rankings appear above even position one and can massively accelerate a site’s growth.

We also worked on the site’s “frequently asked question” schema. FAQ schema sounds complex, but it’s just a way for us to tell Google and other search engines that we’re using a question and answer format for our content. We made sure our content answered any questions that a potential customer might have about a procedure.

The Package

Our client has been on a medium-sized campaign with Exposure Ninja for two years.

The Results

We saw improvements to our client’s website through the first year, but these were modest compared to what was to come later. The site dipped precipitously during COVID-19, especially when the client’s business shut. Fortunately for us, our client decided to weather the storm and didn’t cut his marketing budget. He was rewarded with a rebound in site traffic that made any earlier improvements look tiny in comparison!

Our client’s organic traffic exploded from 985 visitors per month at the start of the campaign to 25,250 visitors per month — a 2,564% increase! This corresponded with a life-changing increase in leads generated by the website, which rose by 418%, from just 40 per month to 207 per month!

When comparing our client’s results to before they started marketing with us, there has been a 1,771% growth in their traffic! This is phenomenal growth — particularly considering the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns.

Screenshot of the average position of a medical clinic website in Google Search Console

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