100 New Customers for Food Delivery Service from One Competition

Business Type: B2C
Website Type: Lead Generation
Service: PPC, Social Media Marketing

What You Need to Know

  • Thanks to the support of our social media campaign, our client has expanded from four locations to seven (so far!).
  • We combined organic social, social media competitions and paid social media (Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads) to produce big results for our client.
  • In just three months, the reach of our client’s Facebook and Instagram posts grew by over 80%, allowing them to attract new customers and grow their business.

Who We Worked With

Our client is a food delivery service offering consumers an easy way to order food online. Before we started working with them, our client had been delivering to four different locations but was really struggling to expand elsewhere.

Our client’s service is a great one. Customers can order from as many restaurants as they like at any one time, with a choice of over 30 local restaurants. Delivery charges vary from restaurant to restaurant, but they range from FREE to €4 when ordering from one restaurant. With our client having such a great service, our team was excited to get to work and start helping them win more customers.

Screenshot of a food delivery company's homepage

The Objective

Our client wanted to increase their existing Facebook and Instagram reach by 50% to increase and maximise sales in the locations they were currently operating in. They also wanted to grow their business by expanding into new locations.

How We Achieved It

The strategy

We recommended a strategy based on a mix of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and organic social media content to allow our client to build and maintain a dynamic online presence. Our aim was to build our client an engaged community of fans they could interact with through valuable content. With careful nurturing, we aimed to turn these online fans into loyal brand ambassadors who would spread our client’s reach even further.

To attract potential customers, we began by posting daily at optimal times on Facebook and Instagram. We also launched monthly social media competitions — an effective way to boost a brand online with a minimal budget, re-engaging existing followers and grabbing the attention of a new audience.

We also complemented our daily posting campaign with a paid social media strategy. Our aim was simple: attract and engage audiences in new locations, make them more aware of our client’s brand and convert them into customers. Brand awareness quickly began to increase, our client gained new followers — and we began to promote their latest deals.

The Package

At the time of writing, our client has doubled their Actions on the organic and paid campaigns, with the Actions split between our PPC and Social Media Teams. We also spent some time with the client at the start of the campaign to improve the website’s look and feel through collaborative work on design and branding.

The Results

Before we started working together, our client would typically get less than five likes on a post on Facebook or Instagram with next to no engagement. However, we achieved the following amazing results across both social media platforms. One example competition we held produced the following:


  • There were also 437 reactions, 169 post clicks and a reach of 4,578


  • 3 saves

Our client’s Instagram followers also increased by 19 as a result of the competition post. There were also 766 impressions, a reach of 627 and 47 profile visits.

Overall — using our organic and paid strategy — we gained our client 100 new customers after running this one competition across Facebook and Instagram.

But this was just the beginning.

In the first three months, we managed to grow the client’s organic monthly Facebook post reach from 141,358 to 229,824, with a growth in impressions on Instagram from 7,905 to 44,900. This increase in awareness has helped support our client’s business growth.

This growth has remained consistent across both social media platforms and has allowed our client to launch their business in three new locations, increasing the areas they covered to seven.

Screenshot of Monthly Gained Followers for Food Delivery Company.

Screenshot of the Food Delivery Company's social performance.

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