We Got a New Fitness Business Featured Live on BBC TV.

Business Type: B2C
Website Type: Lead Generation
Service: SEO

What You Need to Know

  • Appearance earned on the BBC on Victoria Derbyshire’s show.
  • Also earned coverage on high profile websites like The Mirror.

1. Background

Our client helped personal trainers earn qualifications and certification. It was a brand new business, so we took care of the whole digital side of things. We built the website, set up the paid Google ads campaigns and made sure the website was easy for visitors to find on Google. Needless to say, we were starting from zero and the only way we planned to go from there was up!

2. Strategy

Our first goal was to get potential customers onto our client’s website. We decided to invest a lot of time in content marketing. Content marketing is when you create useful and engaging content that brings visitors to your website. Blogging is a staple content marketing technique. We researched some blog titles that would be interesting to people doing their personal training qualifications and published them on our client’s website.

It’s also important to publish content on other websites that already have an established audience. We used Google Trends to keep a close eye on trending topics in fitness and noticed that a certain Kim Kardashian was pushing “waist training” as a way to get a slimmer figure. Perfect! We asked our client his opinion on waist training and wrote up an article. If you’re interested, you can read the original waist training article here.

3. Results

The results were better than we could have possibly hoped. Our article, which thoroughly debunked waist training, was circulated among fitness bloggers until it was picked up by the local news. From there, it was passed around various regional news site until we had a big win: a mention in The Mirror! Not a bad start for a new business!

That wasn’t the end either. Our client got a phone call from someone at the BBC who had read the article. They wanted him to come onto the Victoria Derbyshire show and discuss waist training live on television in front of thousands of people! Below we’ve got an image of our client, second on the right, live on TV.

Our client was thrilled with the work and delighted to be on TV (one off the bucket list). The business, which started with nothing, was soon earning enough customers to stay afloat and eventually flourish.

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