eCommerce Sales Increase 310% in 2 Months Using Social Media Marketing

Business Type: B2C
Website Type: eCommerce
Service: Social Media Marketing

What You Need to Know

  • Monthly sales increased by 310% from 2,800 to 11,500.
  • Website visitors increased from 4,200 a month to 11,200.
  • Facebook likes increased by 1,778%.
  • 2,327 new followers were earned on Instagram.
  • Twitter mentions increased by 3,000%.

1. Background

Our client sells children’s toys in Europe and the US through their eCommerce website. Before they started working with Exposure Ninja, they were making around 2,800 sales per month through their website.

2. Objective

Our client set us challenging goals and asked us to increase enquiries through their website in the US to 8,000 per month and leads in Europe to 4,800 per month. They also wanted more visitors on their website and tasked us with increasing the number of US visitors by 350% and European visitors by 100%.

3. Strategy

To hit such challenging objectives, we needed to do plenty of work across multiple channels. We worked on a number of different channels: social media (with product outreach), content marketing, SEO, paid advertising and paid social media advertising.

For social media, we decided to limit our efforts to the three channels we thought would be most effective: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We had our design team create images to be shared across the accounts and worked hard to identify a tone that would appeal to our target audience.

We also sent free samples of our client’s products to social media influencers who agreed to publish reviews or run giveaways on their profiles and websites. This tactic was super effective and their social channels saw growth and engagement explode.

Meanwhile, our content marketing and SEO teams were hard at work behind the scenes making sure the client’s site was working correctly. The content marketing team wrote and published blogs twice a month, while the SEO team worked on structural fixes and technical errors.

The final part of our strategy was paid advertising. Our PPC team placed advertisements that would be seen by users who were searching for children’s toys on Google. They also helped our social media team by placing targeted advertisements on Facebook and Instagram.

4. Package

Our client started on our “Ninja” package, which is 16 Actions per month. After some promising early work, our client fired their US marketing agency and decided to invest an additional £1,000 per month in their marketing work with Exposure Ninja.

5. Results

As we’ve hinted, our client got results almost immediately. Our headline statistic is the 310% growth in sales, which happened after just two months of work. This took our client from 2,800 monthly sales to 11,500. We also increased the number of visitors on our client’s site from 4,200 a month to 11,200 a month.

But this was supported by plenty of other “smaller” wins. We saw big improvements across all of our client’s social media channels.

  • For Facebook, we delivered a 1,778% increase in Page Likes and 442% increase in engagement.
  • We gained 2,327 new followers on Instagram and reached almost half a million people.
  • On Twitter, we earned a 3,000% increase in mentions and a 385% increase in profile visits.

Our client loved the results. When we asked for feedback, our client said, “I’m very convinced that Exposure Ninja can do a lot for any business”.

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