Influencer Contests Generate 32,000 Entries For £68.50 Worth Of Product

Business Type: B2C
Website Type: eCommerce
Service: Social Media Marketing

What You Need to Know

  • 17,000 giveaway entries were earned for one giveaway.
  • 15,000 giveaway entries were earned for another.
  • The giveaways resulted in hundreds of social media shares and new followers.

What Our Ninjas Say

Using our trusted network of bloggers and influencers, we helped to promote this child’s clothing company’s range and new product launches with great success.

We adored the products and knew that the target audience would too, making it easier to find the perfect influencers to reach them.

Dale Davies, Head of Marketing

How using blogger outreach resulted in doubling this clients Twitter following in 5 weeks

1. Background

This client came to us looking to expand the visibility of their brand online, as they wanted some exposure for their children’s clothing eCommerce store.

2. Objective

The target audience is eco-conscious parents — particularly mums — living in the UK, so we wanted to get some targeted visibility on mummy blogger sites likely to be read by this audience.

3. Strategy

Because of the quality of the product, we knew that parents would love it – they just needed to know about it! We crafted a blogger outreach campaign to gain product reviews and run giveaways with parenting and family bloggers, particularly those who had demonstrated high levels of engagement with their audience.

Discussing the client’s goals and budget was the first step our Ninjas took. We then looked at which product line would be best to target, based on sales figures. For this type of contest, you usually want to lead with strong sellers that have proven appeal.

Once the budget was agreed, we scoured the net and built up a list of high-authority, UK-based parent and family bloggers to target. We predominantly focused on eco-conscious bloggers and vegan family bloggers whose blog audiences would be most interested in the company’s products.

4. Results

The response from UK bloggers who we pitched to was incredible. We saw a 60% return on pitches in the first month and this increased to 85% in the second month.

We secured a product review and giveaway of a £18.50 pyjama set with Chic Geek Diary blog. The giveaway ran for five weeks and generated over 17,000 entries. The blog post was viewed over 9,000 times, gained 95 comments, and was shared on social media 418 times. Our client’s Twitter followers doubled in five weeks and their visibility across social media increased substantially.

We secured a fashion feature style review and ran a giveaway with another highly-engaged parenting blog, this time giving away a £50 voucher for our client’s store. The giveaway ran for two weeks alongside the fashion feature, generating over 15,000 entries and 143 comments on the blog post. As well as the traffic and eyeballs, the client picked up 147 new Twitter followers and over 100 new Instagram followers as a result.

Screenshot of a successful influencer contest

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