New Website Improves Customer Journey, Increasing Enquiries

Business Type: B2C
Website Type: Lead Generation
Service: Conversion Rate Optimisation, Website Development

What You Need to Know

  • Our client has a wealth of knowledge and a long list of great client testimonials, but her old website was not reflecting this and was holding her back.
  • We worked closely with our client to understand her business and develop an attractive website that would make booking a consultation with her totally irresistible.
  • Our client’s new website now converts at over 13% — that’s over 10% higher than the industry average.

Who We Worked With

When Debra, the founder of Dyslexia Deb, worked as a University lecturer, she found that fewer dyslexic students were making it to higher education. This led her on a quest to discover why and compelled her to become a specialist in dyslexia assessments.

Debra discovered dyslexia just wasn’t being diagnosed early enough for most students, which meant they weren’t getting the additional support they needed to enter university.

Fast forward to 2020 and Debra had a thriving business diagnosing dyslexic students and helping them study. Her business had something none of her competitors could offer: herself. Debra has over 15 years of experience assessing and assisting dyslexic children, along with a background in primary, secondary, and higher education. Debra prides herself on her personal and in-depth approach to dyslexia assessments.

Debra had some great client testimonials and a wealth of knowledge and experience — but her old website wasn’t polished and didn’t reflect her fantastic, personable service and in-depth understanding of her field. So she approached us for a refreshed website that would reflect her professional and personalised approach to dyslexia assessments.

Many of Debra’s referrals came from word-of-mouth recommendations, which is always fantastic as they tend to have a high conversion rate — but Dyslexia Deb’s website was underperforming. Users were finding the site — but only around a quarter of Debra’s leads would convert. What Debra needed was a website that showcased her skills and service — and set her apart from competitors such as the British Dyslexia Association (BDA), a giant on the scene.

The Objective

We knew we needed to build a new lead-generation website that converts for Deb! While it’s difficult to match the strength of a word-of-mouth recommendation, we wanted to utilise Debra’s incredible background story and the personal touch she gives to assessments to give potential clients the confidence to get in touch and book with Dyslexia Deb.

With this in mind, we set to work building Deb an incredible website.

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How We Achieved It

The Strategy

Above all else, we needed a strong call to action — above the fold and on the homepage — that would make booking with Deb irresistible. We knew this call to action needed to direct potential clients to Debra herself because it’s her wealth of knowledge, experience, and personable attitude toward assessing that would lead to a conversion. If word of mouth was working for Deb, we needed an online equivalent, and this was it.

We all know that parents are among the busiest people out there, so the process of booking with Deb needed to be easy and relatively commitment-free. Following a call with Deb to chat through her requirements, our dedicated development Project Manager decided a form offering a free 15-minute assessment would be the ideal solution. This quick, personal assessment would allow Deb to showcase the added value she can offer to potential students and parents in return for just a quarter of an hour of their time.

At Exposure Ninja, we recognise when our clients already have incredible assets — and in Debra’s case, we loved her brand. We kept costs low for her by utilising the bright and education-focused colours she already used and kept her warm, friendly tone of voice in all the copy. Of course, in true Ninja style, we optimised it for SEO using keywords so that new potential clients could find her.

The Package

Dyslexia Deb was a lead generation site — a templated website following a conversion rate optimised structure that Exposure Ninja has developed by selecting the highest converting elements from its best performing websites over the years. Though aspects of the website are templated based on our conversion principles, the site’s colours, images and search engine optimised content are all bespoke to the client. These sites are cost-effective and high performing, so they’re a perfect option for those on a budget or for straightforward sites where complex functionality isn’t a requirement.

The Results

The Dyslexia Deb website is now professional, personable, and full of fantastic information — a perfect reflection of Debra herself.

Contact details are easy to find at the top of the page for those who prefer to use them but ultimately, that compelling call to action is clear and easy to locate across the entire site, allowing users to book their call at any stage of the user journey.

While this site is relatively new, the first few months of data show the site was converting at a whopping 13.34% — significantly higher than the 2.9% industry average.

Screenshot of the Dyslexia Deb website before the redesign.

Deb’s old website looked out of date and didn’t feel enticing.

Screenshot of the Dyslexia Deb website after the redesign.

A professional-looking website with a clear CTA that still reflects Deb’s warmth.

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