Featured On Mirror.co.uk and Live On BBC TV – In Their First Year Of Business!

Find out how our Content Marketing team got this new business the sort of visibility their more established competitors can only dream of!

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Training Company Founder Live On Victoria Derbyshire’s Show Thanks To Exposure Ninja’s Content Marketing

1. Background

This couple set up a new business offering personal training courses. We had built them a website, started SEO and PPC, and began a Content Marketing campaign.

2. Objective

The website needed visibility, being brand new. We wanted to get some topic-specific and high-profile visibility to give the business credibility early on.

3. Strategy

The owner of the business was an expert in health and fitness, so we started pitching and writing articles around a range of health topics including heart health, the benefits of exercise, and any trending topics in the news that had a health or fitness angle.

4. Results

We had some early wins, getting featured in a lot of health and fitness blogs and providing comment for a piece in the Mirror.

One trending topic that we covered was the rise of ‘waist trainer’ corsets, writing about the health implications and possible ‘natural’ alternatives. We published a number of articles written in the voice of the business owner, piggybacking on the trend to get a lot of visibility. A producer for the Victoria Derbyshire show was researching experts on the topic, as they planned to do a segment about these waist trainers. She came across our articles and reached out to see if the business owner would be available to come on the show.

On the back of this visibility, the site had a very strong first year, becoming dominant in Middlesex (their target location) for “personal trainer course” keywords.

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