New Modern, Integrated Website to Match Strong Social Media Presence

Business Type: B2C
Website Type: eCommerce
Service: Conversion Rate Optimisation, Website Development

What You Need to Know

  • Our client’s expert designer children’s interiors website needed to boast their USPs more strongly and show new clients exactly how to get in touch.
  • We worked with our client to understand their brand and voice before building them a large, bespoke website that made them stand out from the competition.

Who We Worked With

Our client’s brand was already successful when they approached Exposure Ninja. Born out of a desire to provide beautiful, designer children’s interiors, their existing website served as a boutique — collating all the best independent designers in one handy place. As an online boutique, their branding was and remains incredibly important to them — particularly as they’d successfully applied it across their social media. Our client’s brand presence was powerful on Instagram, where images of their high-end products in real-life settings spoke for themselves.

Many of our client’s customers came through word of mouth thanks to the unique design-consulting element of their business. However, despite it being one of their key points of differentiation between them and their competitors, their existing site did not fully reflect this personal touch.

Unsurprisingly, their Scandinavian-influenced furnishings, wallpapers, clothes and toys were proving to be a hit with their target market. But they had outgrown their website. Their old site looked out of date and didn’t match the high-quality, stylish items they sold on it. Additionally, their old content management system (CMS) was custom built. It didn’t allow them to run Google shopping ads — a huge issue for a growing business with an emphasis on generating revenue through its online presence and social media channels.

The Objective

With literally thousands of gorgeous products on offer, our client needed three things from their website:

  1. A seamless user experience, allowing potential buyers to find their perfect products and convert.
  2. A clean and stylish look that reflected their successful Instagram presence.
  3. A personal touch, explaining their unique selling points (USPs) — their selection of high-end designers and their design consultation offering.

To a brand like this with a specific target market, their tone of voice, look and feel was incredibly important, so we needed to ensure that we kept these intact throughout the design and copy.

How We Achieved It

The Strategy

Our client’s existing website already had an adequate structure; their issue was the inflexibility of the platform. Our key challenge here was importing all of their product data over to WordPress from a custom-built CMS. This was no mean feat as we had to ensure the data moved across accurately — a huge undertaking that required a lot of organisation upfront. So, we exported data from the old site into a CSV file using a plugin we sourced. We then carefully checked and organised the data before importing it into the new site.

Our client’s site is a huge eCommerce site, so we placed a lot of our focus on getting the wireframes right — particularly for the product pages. We made it our mission to build beautiful pages designed to convert. We made sure the “Add to Basket” calls to action (CTAs) were above the fold and in a bright, inviting colour to immediately attract the attention of site visitors. Along with this, we ensured there was an all-important “Related Products” section on each product page — a must when building a site with this amount of products.

We made sure each product category was filterable by price and designer. One of our client’s key USPs is the designers they partner with — so it was important we put these front and centre of the user experience.

Finally, we added a nod to the expert design eye of the client’s two founders. We carefully crafted our CTAs to reflect that users weren’t just getting in touch with a help desk — they were speaking to genuine experts and receiving a premium service.

The Package

Our client selected Exposure Ninja to be their website partner due to our flexible and fully customisable platform, as well as our emphasis on giving our clients the tools they need to run their own websites after a build. Because of their strong brand identity and volume of products, we recommended a bespoke eCommerce site that included wireframes, design, search engine optimised copy, a full website build and a dedicated Project Manager.

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The Results

The website now feels clean, stylish and is user-friendly. Even with the masses of gorgeous products they have on offer, it’s easy to navigate to the exact item you’re looking for.

Our client’s unique selling point of design consultancy and independent designers is front and centre, so their website visitors can clearly see that they’re buying from genuine experts who are passionate about what they do.

The whole website is now set up to convert with prominent calls to action, easy-to-locate contact points, and a fresh and stylish look and feel that makes sense to users who click through from their Instagram feed. Our client is now on a platform that allows them to use online advertising and has the flexibility to develop along with their rapidly growing business.

Screenshot of the completed children's interior products eCommerce store.

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