New Donation-increasing Website for CHANCE Children’s Cancer Charity

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What You Need to Know

  • Our client’s old website was not working hard enough to support their life-saving cause.
  • One of our dedicated Project Managers made the process of creating a new, fresh, and impactful website seamless for our client.
  • Our client’s new website is bright, takes donations easily, and reflects the positive work that our client’s charity CHANCE does.

Who We Worked With

CHANCE is a children’s cancer charity based in Beirut, Lebanon. In a country with an insurance-based healthcare system, CHANCE funds the vital treatment of cancer patients from start to finish and gives emotional support to families.

Their team of voluntary staff is incredibly busy, organising volunteers, supporting parents, and raising donations for their worthy survivors. So updating CHANCE’s old website was the last thing on anyone’s mind.

After the explosion in Beirut in August 2020, CHANCE’s work seemed more vital than ever. So Exposure Ninja approached CHANCE with the offer of creating a new website, with minimal input from themselves. We would provide keyword research, search engine optimised copy, design — and of course, the all-important build of the new site — with a dedicated Project Manager to ensure everything ran smoothly.

The Objective

As with all of our clients, we got straight to the heart of CHANCE’s needs. All of our projects begin with a phone call to chat through what our primary objectives should be. It became quickly apparent that CHANCE needed to convey a lot of information to potential donors as easily as possible. So, we decided we needed to tell the story of CHANCE to persuade potential donors to contribute to them.

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How We Achieved It

The Strategy

We began by breaking down how we could tell CHANCE’s story and most effectively convey all the information needed to encourage potential donors. We identified that the new website required:

  • A fresh look — CHANCE’s message is one of hope. Children diagnosed with cancer have a much higher cure rate than adults. It was important to give CHANCE a bright, clean website, reflecting this positive statistic and in-keeping with their cheerful logo and strong colours.
  • FAQS answered — We discovered that CHANCE receives up to 30% of their communications via email and that many emails were initial enquiries with frequently asked questions. For a time-poor charity, it was essential FAQs took front and centre, so donors got the information they needed quickly and easily.
  • Survivor stories, front and centre — It’s clear to see the impact the charity has not only on survivors but also on their parents. We needed a format that highlighted some of their incredible statistics, also using stunning imagery of their brave patients and dedicated staff.
  • Easy to collect donations — Perhaps most importantly, we needed to build CHANCE a website that allowed their patrons to donate and purchase items from their shop, giving them a vital fundraising stream.

But we didn’t stop there. When you speak to anyone who works for CHANCE, you get a sense of their optimism and passion for what they do. It’s a powerful story. So, we crafted copy that highlighted all the monumental work that CHANCE does, ultimately leading potential donors to our call to action — to donate. We also expertly optimised our copy for SEO, incorporating keywords that allowed parents of children with cancer the best chance to find CHANCE in an internet search.

At Exposure Ninja, we use a selection of website templates that we know are great for conversions. We handpicked the one for CHANCE that made the best use of the charity’s excellent statistics and had enough space to allow their wonderful photographs of staff and survivors to shine.

The template had to allow the FAQs to feature front and centre — not buried away in the footer. Having heard about the incredible impact that CHANCE has had on many children’s lives, we made sure our template let those statistics tell a story all of their own, sending a coherent message to donors about what their money could do for real lives.

While there are several great ways to integrate donations with a WordPress website, many charge a percentage. CHANCE is not a huge corporate charity and every penny they raise goes directly to saving a child’s life. So, we found a free plugin for the charity to use, with a clear and customisable interface that gave a good user experience to donors.

The Package

CHANCE has a lead-generation templated website. Exposure Ninja’s templated websites are built using a conversion rate optimised framework we have perfected by applying the principles we have developed over our years of creating high-converting websites. Although the “base” of the website is templated, it is customised with the imagery, branding and search engine optimised copy that our clients need to make it truly theirs. We customised CHANCE’s site, so it had a shop and a way for users to donate.
Screenshot of the CHANCE children's charity website before the redesign.

Screenshot of the CHANCE children's charity website after the redesign.

The Results

Visit the CHANCE website now and you are greeted by a bright, beautiful image of a member of their team with one of their survivors, clearly happy and full of child-like spirit. This is the message of hope and positivity that we want all potential donors to feel immediately on landing on CHANCE’s site.

If donors choose to scroll a little further, they will discover the good achieved by donating to CHANCE — and if they have questions, they only need to look as far as the homepage to see a list of the most common questions and answers.

Creating the right user journey for CHANCE was truly at the heart of this build, encouraging donors to hit the donate button every step of the way. While it’s still early days for this website, we are excited to learn the exact impact our new-look site will have on new donors — leading to more success stories for this incredible charity.

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