1,750% Increase in Online Revenue for a B2C Food Business

Business Type: B2C
Website Type: eCommerce
Service: Content Marketing, SEO

What You Need to Know

  • Visitors from search engines up by 540% in nine months.
  • Organic transactions on the website went up by +1000%.
  • Organic revenue from the website went up by +1750%.

The Business

Our client is a traditional producer of dairy-based food products that wanted to move online. They had a strong local following and well-regarded products, but lacked online presence.

Our Objective

Our client had initially been hesitant to invest in digital marketing, having grown the business offline. However, by 2021, they realised that they needed to establish their online presence to reach a wider audience than just their local area.

Our client had a new website built to spearhead this new initiative… but unfortunately, they asked someone else to build their site. This meant that their brand new website managed to start life looking dated and, to make matters worse, it was riddled with spelling mistakes. It was a low-cost website and this showed in all the wrong ways.

How We Achieved It

The Package

The client started with a medium-sized campaign with both SEO and Content Marketing services. We diverted a fair number of our Content Marketing actions into copywriting to fix the spelling mistakes on the key pages. This might not seem like a marketing activity, but spelling mistakes shred credibility and make potential buyers worry about the legitimacy of a business, so it’s an important thing to get right.

The Strategy

With the most glaring spelling mistakes fixed, we moved on to the SEO phase of the campaign. The first step would be to find the keywords used by potential buyers when they searched for our client’s products on the internet. We analysed these potential keywords and chose the most appropriate terms based on how difficult each keyword would be to rank for and how many potential visitors we’d bring to the site.

Armed with our target keywords, we optimised key pages across the site for these terms. This meant not only quick fixes to page titles and meta descriptions, but looking at the copy across the board, paying particular attention to headers and any CTA buttons. At the same time, we crawled the site for technical errors (of which there were plenty) and tidied up the site’s linking structure and backlink profile.

Once we’d completed our initial SEO tasks, we moved to Content Marketing. Our efforts were split between three main areas: adding persuasive sales copy to important pages, adding informational content to the blog, and getting our client’s business and products featured on sites across the internet to raise awareness.

The Results

After nine months of our marketing campaign, we achieved a 544% increase in website visitors through search and a whopping 1750% increase in revenue generated through the website. We managed this by maintaining the average order value and improving the website’s conversion rate while simultaneously sending more visitors to the website.

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