30% YoY Christmas Sales Increase for eCommerce Store

Business Type: B2C
Website Type: eCommerce
Service: Influencer Marketing, Social Media Marketing

What You Need to Know

  • This B2C eCommerce store increased its Christmas sales by 30% year on year, thanks to influencer outreach and social media.
  • We worked with influencers to have our client featured in 14 gift guides.
  • We produced significant ranking increases, including reaching position one in the USA for their core term.

Who We Worked With

This successful but niche eCommerce site sells cuckoo clocks and Black Forest souvenirs and tasked us with significantly increasing their sales. With a great domain and very focused offering, we identified that influencer marketing and social media could be great channels to build both brand awareness and direct sales.

The Objective

Our client had no social media calendar and was not regularly posting content on any social media channels. Our campaign began in the lead up to the Christmas holiday season, the peak time for most B2C eCommerce stores. With such a low base to work from, we knew we needed to find a way to grow their visibility fast while also piggybacking on the popularity of existing social influencers.

How We Achieved It

The Strategy

We knew we needed to re-engage our client’s current audience (who may have forgotten about them due to the lack of posting). We planned a social calendar and started posting three times per week — the minimum we would recommend a brand post on its social channels. We knew it was vital to find a content angle that resonated without fatiguing the audience. So we created a balance between high-frequency posting (which can be fatiguing, particularly if your followers aren’t used to hearing from you) and posting regularly enough to be seen.

Within the first week, page likes increased and post reach went up 197%!

With the all-important Christmas holiday season coming up, we embarked on an influencer outreach campaign. We got our client’s products featured in the holiday gift guides of 14 different influencer blogs over November and December.

To do this, we worked with our client’s team to identify key products from the site that would be most likely to get featured. By putting together a range of products (not just their core cuckoo clocks), we knew we could get traction with a range of different gift guides across home décor, kids and parents.

To maximise the impact of the features, we also coordinated our product outreach and follow-ups with all the gift guide publishers, ensuring that our client was tagged in social posts and linked through to product and category pages on their website.

Screenshot of an influencer promoting their Christmas gift guide.

The Package

This campaign got excellent traction with a relatively modest campaign size. We first started with influencer outreach as part of a small-scale Content Marketing Campaign and only added social media posting in the run-up to the holiday season to give credibility to our client’s social channels before the gift guides were published.

The Results

Our client saw a 30% increase in Christmas holiday website sales, enjoying increases in both the UK and US. The features in gift guides meant that our client’s holiday sales bump started three weeks earlier than normal.

The social tags increased engagement on our client’s channels, and the 14 gift guides helped organic traffic grow impressively by 46.93% to 10,918 in November. We also saw a substantial increase in new site visitors — 47.51% over the month to 11,618 vs 7,876 the previous month. This shows how the gift guides and backlinks we acquired led to direct traffic on our client’s site.

The gift guides have also generated links which — along with our SEO work — have contributed to significant ranking increases, including helping the site hit #1 on Google US for “cuckoo clocks”.

This was a big step-up for a business that had previously neglected social media and led directly to an increase in purchases a full three weeks earlier than previous holiday spikes.

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