Why Start Over With AdWords?

Why Start Over With AdWords?

There are so many reasons why I recommend leaving your messy and hard-to-manage AdWords/PPC and start again. One thing about Google AdWords is that it changes continuously and can be difficult to stay current with, so accounts start to look out of date. This most repeatedly tends to lead to more campaigns, keywords and ad groups than you need on your account.

One of the problems I’ve noticed when speaking to my clients is that their AdWords use begins well but slowly starts going under and they are not sure what works needs doing or where to start. Having had the same feeling before, I thought to myself what is the best thing to do?

‘Fix the current account or would it be better to start over?’

In my experience, I’ve noticed a more successful AdWords campaign by starting over from scratch and walking away from the headache, (which normally would have ended in wasting money and time).


So why start from scratch?

  • It’s easier to cope.
    Imagine pausing and creating new ads over and over again for testing or because of new changes. That means more keywords, Ad groups and having to look through each element to see what needs to be optimised. At the end it means more work, time and money.
  • No more overlapping.
    One thing I’ve noticed whilst looking at my clients’ accounts is that, slowly over time, I start to see overlapping. Same keywords in different Ad groups, same products being promoted in different campaigns, potentially competing against each other or not seeing any conversions and just taking up space in the account.
    Frequently a product or service does better in conversions when it has a handful of keywords and not loads of overlapping keywords.
  • Gaining Control.
    Starting fresh will allow a sense of organisation, and it will be easier to make small changes during a longer period of time to gain potentially more clients.
  • Tracking your performance.
    A new account means tracking performance more effectively, rather than looking through your old account to see what is doing well. Less places to look at and a lot easier to manage.
  • Using the Data.
    My clients tell me that they don’t want to start again because they have data and information on their current account that they won’t have on the new account and it makes no sense to walk away from that. This is understandable but I can envisage that you will start to see more unwanted surprises when trying to ‘fix’ the current account. Remember starting a new account doesn’t mean that your data has gone, instead you can use it to your advantage. You can create a new and improved campaign using the information you already have, which will show you what has worked and what hasn’t. You maintain control over the account and can avoid all those nasty surprises you’ve been through before.



A client of mine has been working on his AdWords for some time and had been researching every day. He started in 2009 and it wasn’t till 2013 when he noticed some changes.

For him to make a ROI, he needed his cost per conversion to be less than £5.00. His average CPC was £11.40 and it wasn’t till August 2013 when he made some changes that he saw the dramatic change.

As you will see below, the conversion has dropped to £6.89, the lowest he has been able to get it to. With this he then decided to make changes again for the next month, but because of the size and how messy the account was, he wasn’t able to see what needed fixing and where to start.

By the end of of the year, he needed help as he saw potential in AdWords but wasn’t sure what to do or where to start. When I took over the account, we initially started with how we can fix the current account. A lot of research has been done but to implement all the changes and ‘fixes’ it would take a lot of time and money. In February we used the data he already had from his campaign and created a new one.


In the first 2 month we had been able to get his average to £8.30, however whilst looking through his account and Analytics, we were able to see a pattern. His customers would visit the site for a price and then click off, but come back again. We made 2 changes –

  1. Added the price on the ads so his clients could choose right then whether or not to click on the ad, so he was only charged for hot leads.
  2. Introduced remarketing which are ads that reappear once you’ve clicked off a site.

By making these changes his cost per conversation dropped by 50%, eventually plummeting to £3.77. The picture above will show you how a new campaign has changed his cost per conversion but also saved time and money because it is much more manageable. Not only this but we are able to see other potential business opportunities for our clients such as remarketing or adding shopping carts for this client.





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