2 Month’s Traffic in 1 Day – What viral sharing on Reddit really looks like

I just had a text from a Exposure Ninja website owner, Rainer Groh of http://aerospaceengineeringblog.com

He’s an expert in composite materials in aerospace, and his blog is full of really high quality content laser targeted at his niche. The monetisation comes from Amazon affiliate sales from the aerospace bookshop and the site’s visibility (number 1 on Google for “aerospace engineering blog”) has led to interviews as well as giving him a platform to use to demonstrate his expertise.

Today someone shared one of his recent blog posts on Reddit, the high traffic social bookmarking site. The post went viral giving us some interesting insights into the sort of traffic that can result:

The site is around 1 year old, and has had just over 21,000 views in total. Today it received 3,373 views – about 2 months’ traffic:

A Lesson in Quality Content

The Aerospace Engineering blog posts are long, detailed and original. It’s clear to see that the author is extremely experienced and knowledgeable in his field, and his audience finds this sort of post fascinating.

With a willingness to create such high quality content, it’s no wonder that the posts are shared. It reflects exactly the sort of approach we recommend to those who want their sites to appear an authority in their fields, and rank highly.

While this sort of approach doesn’t bring results immediately, it brings an authority that quick fixes and back links can’t. If you want your site to be number one, you have to demonstrate that it’s worthy and that you as an author, are worthy of the attention.

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