The Number 1 Blockage to Fast Business Growth Online

While it’s awesome working with established companies with steady results who are looking to maintain their position online, where we Ninjas spend the majority of our time is working with businesses growing very fast, or with growth ambitions. For me, this is where the excitement is at. Nothing beats that feeling of knowing that we contributed to fast growth through some killer marketing, and it’s much more rewarding being able to contribute ideas and feedback to a receptive business.

The main blockage to growth in these situations though is not usually a marketing one. Strategies like PPC and SEO can be ramped up to increase demand as the business grows, so it’s rare that traffic or leads are the limiting factor in growth. Rather, it’s the level at which the business owner thinks.

Is your business being held back by your own fear?

A business with phenomenal growth potential will approach us asking for help with one element of their online marketing. They might have a quality product in a growing market with competitors with terrible websites and under performing marketing. Both they and us are excited about the potential.

They cite competitors in the market that they want to take on, and list reasons why their offering is superior in some way. They talk excitedly about the potential in the market, and the rewards should they get this right.

The plan is in front of them. The roadmap for their success. All they need to do is turn the key and start driving.

Then we hit the blockage.

We have businesses on a daily basis tell us that there is essentially no budget to produce this growth (understand that when competing against Amazon or 7-9 figure rivals, £1000 is nothing). They want to beat their rivals without any of the hard work or spending that their rivals did to solidify their position at the top of the pile.

How Davids beat Goliaths online

Small businesses can compete online, but not with small marketing. Think of Google as a bodybuilding show. The newcomer can beat the established pro, but it’s hard work and dedication that get them there, not 1 month of training using a ‘shortcut’ following a life spent on the sofa eating ice cream pizzas. If a small business is going to succeed, the marketing has to be ultra competitive. Ninja PPC, SEO/PR, Killer Social Media – all of these are realistic aims for any business, and guess what… your large competitors often don’t have a clue.

The truth is that you won’t get to the top without proper investment of time and money. It takes work to win, and that’s how your competitors got there. Thinking that a home made website, no backlinks and a Facebook page with 5 likes is going to compete in any market, let alone a competitive one, is tragically inaccurate thinking.

And yet we see it time and time again. Low budgets available and reluctance to invest money into the marketing.

How Much is it Worth to You?

If you’re committed to fast growth, the question you as a business owner needs to ask is how much is it really worth to you?

We had an e-commerce business just last week wanting to sell £5,000 products from their website. Their prices were about average so the marketing job is being found, which allows the relatively easy sales job to happen.

The trouble is that their ENTIRE start up budget was less than £3000, and they didn’t want to invest more into growing their marketing. What’s wrong with this picture?

The desire for shortcuts is a human one, but being unwilling to spend what it takes to compete is just plain silly. We could have easily sold these guys some promotion, but we know that for the budget they have, the work we can deliver for those figures is extremely limited and won’t get the results they are after. So therefore we won’t sell it to them. We’re in the success stories business, not the unrealistic dreams business.

We’re here to help businesses GROW, and sometimes their main blockage to growth is, unfortunately the owner’s mindset.


About the Author

Tim is Head Ninja at Exposure Ninja and Europe's bestselling online marketing author.When he's not Ninja-ing he's playing in his band, going to the gym with his wife or fixing the destruction caused by their three fur babies, Ninja, Samurai and Shinobi.


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