SEO IS DEAD! (Spoiler: No it’s not)

If there’s one thing we don’t stand for at Exposure Ninja, it’s jumping on bandwagons. Bandwagons generally result in the occupants making less money, either because they get themselves penalised by Google or somehow manage to take money from profitable channels and invest it in dumb ones.

One of the trendiest bandwagons around is pronouncing the death of SEO. The theory goes like this:

SEO is dead because spamming links is dead.

Where to begin? With the video…

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Tim is Head Ninja at Exposure Ninja and Europe's bestselling online marketing author.When he's not Ninja-ing he's playing in his band, going to the gym with his wife or fixing the destruction caused by their three fur babies, Ninja, Samurai and Shinobi.


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