EN Podcast #4: The Art Of Lead Generation: How To Make Your Business Irresistible Online

Most businesses try to sell immediately from their websites. But this is rarely the most effective or profitable use of a website, and typically much larger gains can be made by using Lead Generation strategies instead or as well.

In this episode Tim and Lozz explain how you can begin using Lead Generation principles on your website to increase the number of leads and sales that you attract.

Tim will share his tips for choosing an appealing lead ‘bait’, picking software, and how to create a follow up campaign.

They’ll also discuss some real life examples, and run through the process of designing lead generation for some hypothetical businesses.

Whether you’re an eCommerce website or a service company, and whether you’re local, national or worldwide, this episode will help you think through and map out how you can use lead gen to grow your business through your website.

About the Author

Tim is Head Ninja at Exposure Ninja and Europe's bestselling online marketing author.When he's not Ninja-ing he's playing in his band, going to the gym with his wife or fixing the destruction caused by their three fur babies, Ninja, Samurai and Shinobi.