How To Make People Click On Your Website

Marketing your website: how to get people to click on your site

Marketing your website means more than just getting your website to the top of Google. You want potential customers to click on your website — even when you show up below competitors on Google. Here’s how to do it.

You’ve been working hard on marketing your website. You’ve read loads of SEO tips (including our totally awesome best-selling SEO book), you’ve been working hard on improving your SEO and web copy, and you’ve even improved your Google ranking — but you still haven’t achieved that number one spot. So how can you make people click on your site, even when you’re below your competitors?

Enter rich snippets.

What Are Rich Snippets?

Have you ever noticed when using Google that some sites have review stars next to their listing? Or Amazon products come up in Google search listings? This is due to the use of rich snippets, which are extra pieces of information that Google reads and displays in a specific way. Some examples of rich snippets include:

  • Reviews, which show up as stars next to a website listing
  • Business cards, to let Google know your business is linked to a specific website
  • Product details, which are what enable Amazon product listings
  • Embedded objects, such as videos
  • And so much more!

How Can Rich Snippets Help Me?

Rich snippets are a great way of marketing your website. They help you stand out from your competitors, even when you appear below them in the search results. So if you’re not at the top of Google just yet, don’t despair. We’re going to focus on how to enable reviews so that you can get star reviews next to your website listing in Google — and get more people clicking on your listing.

Code: adding rich snippets to your site

How To Add Reviews To Your Site

It’s pretty easy to add reviews to your site, especially if you’re using WordPress or another content management system. If you’re on WordPress, download WP Customer Reviews, which is a free plugin. If you’re not sure how to download and install plugins, check our handy guide. This plugin lets you put a button on each page of your site so customers can leave reviews.

If you don’t have WordPress and are using plain html, you can code it into the site. Here’s an example:

<div class=”hreview”>
<span><span class=”rating”>5</span>
out of 5 stars</span>
<h4 class=”summary”>Crepes on Cole
is awesome</h4>
<span class=”reviewer
vcard”>Reviewer: <span
class=”fn”>Tantek</span> – <abbr
title=”20050418T2300-0700″>April 18,
<div class=”description item
<span class=”fn org”>Crepes on
Cole</span> is one of the best
little creperies in <span
Francisco</span></span>. Excellent
food and service. Plenty of tables
in a variety of sizes for parties
large and small. Window seating
makes for excellent people watching
to/from the N-Judah which stops
right outside. I’ve had many fun
social gatherings here, as well as
gotten plenty of work done thanks to
neighborhood WiFi.</p></div>
<p>Visit date: <span>April
<p>Food eaten: <span>Florentine
crepe</span></p> </div>

You can ask your webmaster to install this for you.

Make Sure Your Reviews Are Legit

Google may penalise sites that they suspect of containing fake reviews. For example, if they think you reviewed your own website, they could punish you. It’s best to always make sure your reviews are real, and save hard copies.

Marketing your website: how to add reviews on Google using rich snippets

Recent vs Aggregate Reviews

Google can display your reviews in one of two ways: the most recent review (which just shows the entire review, along with the customer’s name) or an average of the reviews, which will display a number of stars next to your site based on an average of all your reviews.
For some websites, we’d recommend just displaying the most recent review. That’s because you might not want to take up valuable space on your site displaying all of your reviews. Instead displaying one highly relevant review.

For example, let’s say you’re an electrician in Scotland and the keywords you are targeting on your homepage are “electrician in Edinburgh”. So, you can display one recent review and replace the user’s name with “customer in Edinburgh”. The review will show up on Google, along with the number of stars they gave you plus “customer in Edinburgh” next to it. Now that’s an excellent way of marketing your website to potential Edinburgh customers!

Rich snippets  whether in the form of aggregate reviews (showing a number of stars next to your site) or in recent reviews (showing the review itself) can really make your site stand out from the sea of search results on Google.

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